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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Denomination Activities 

In early March, the Doon, Iowa PRC hosted a meeting of Classis West. The day before that meeting, March 6, the delegates to Classis, as well as any past and present officebearers, as well as all interested people, were invited to attend an Officebearers’ Conference. This particular conference took an in-depth look at the whole area of Pentecost and Pentecostalism. Rev. Martin VanderWal, pastor of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA, delivered the keynote address, speaking on the theme, “The Outpouring of the Spirit: Pentecost and Its Effect on the Church.” That speech, given at 9:00 A.M. was followed at 10:30 A.M. with Rev. Dennis Lee, pastor of First PRC, Edgerton, MN, speaking on the subject of “Pentecostalism: An Overview.” After lunch Rev. Steven Key, pastor of Hull PRC, Hull, IA, took the podium to speak on “Signs of an Apostle: The Tem porary Gifts of the Holy Spirit,” and the conference came to a close after Rev. John Marcus, pastor of First PRC, Edmonton, AB, spoke on “Filled With the Spirit: The Evidence of the Spirit’s Work in the Christian.” What an opportunity to hear some of the ministers of our denomination, to fellowship with fellow saints, and to hear God’s Word on the important topic of the Holy Spirit.

Mission Activities

Due to pressure from homosexuals in Limerick, the Limerick Youth Service withdrew permission for the Covenant PRC of Ballymena, NI, and their pastor, Rev. Angus Stewart, to use their hall for a lecture on March 23 on the subject of “Homosexuality: What Does the Bible Teach?” Covenant was looking for another venue in Limerick to hold the lecture.

Covenant also reports that their web site ( languages.htm) now has almost 400 pieces in 59 different languages. Additions include ecumenical creeds in Albanian, Arabic, Icelandic, Irish, Macedonian, Scottish, Gaelic, and Tamil; the Heidelberg Catechism in Indonesian and Korean; the Belgic Confession in Tagalog; a Ukrainian translation of H.C. Hoeksema’s pamphlet The Marks of the True Church, and a much lengthened Italian translation of Prof. H. Hanko’s The Covenant with Believers and their Children.

The PR Fellowship of Fayetteville, NC will be hosting a series of lectures-discussions this spring on the subject of “Answering Postmodernism.” Various of our pastors, including our eastern home missionary, Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, will be conducting these seminars. The first lecture of this series was held at the Wingate Inn Conference Room, March 9, with Rev. Bruinsma. His topic for that first lecture was, “Who Determines Right and Wrong?” In preparation for that lecture, Fayetteville advertised by way of flyers, radio, and newspaper. Let us pray for the witness of the gospel through these seminars and also through the saints at Fayetteville.

On March 16th a delegation from the Domestic Mission Committee, consisting of Rev. James Slopsema and Elder Dave Moelker, visited with the PR Fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA. Pittsburgh Steering Committee met with the delegates on Saturday afternoon, and Rev. Slopsema preached for the Fellowship on Sunday evening.

Minister Activities

Rev. Rodney Kleyn, pastor of the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI, received the call to serve as our denomination’s next missionary to the Berean PRC of the Philippines.

Congregation Activities

Rev. Audred Spriensma was installed as the ninth pastor of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC on Sunday morning, March 11. Prof. Herman Hanko led the service, preaching from 
Colossians 4:17, under the theme, “An Admonition to Take Heed to the Ministry.” The Kalamazoo congregation enjoyed a time of fellowship together over lunch and an opportunity to introduce themselves to the Spriensmas after the service.

The Kalamazoo congregation also took the occasion of Rev. Spriensma’s installation to thank Prof. H. Hanko for his faithful labors to them this past year. Kalamazoo was indeed blessed with his Heidelberg Catechism preaching and his leadership in their Adult Bible Society. Their prayer was that God continue to bless and sustain Prof. and Mrs. Hanko. They will be missed very much in Kalamazoo.

The Hull, IA PRC is laboring toward the starting of a daughter congregation. Recent information indicates that there are over 35 families from Hull that have expressed a willingness to join. In anticipation of that organization, the members of Hull recently voted to help their daughter congregation financially by giving them a gift of $150,000 at organization and $50,000/year for the following 6 years. To help pay for all of this, Hull also increased their budget, effective immediately, about $6 a week.

The Consistory of the Lynden, WA PRC proposed to their congregation that they begin each service with congregational silent prayer, to be done on a two-month trial basis, beginning Sunday, March 4. Their grounds for this decision were briefly, 1) The spiritual principle of sanctifying oneself before coming into the Lord’s presence (I Sam 7:3); 2) To teach the entire congregation, including children, to pray before worship; 3) For quiet, uninterrupted prayer; 4) To prepare to worship with proper reverence.

School Activities

Church bulletins have included a long list of teacher-vacancies this spring. It seems as if all our Christian schools are in need of a teacher or two.

But did you notice a new school on that list? The Genesis PR School Society in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada is planning, the Lord willing, to start a new PR school in September of this year. They are currently seeking applicants to fill the positions of Grades 1-3, and Grades 4-6. No small task for a group of men who draw their support from a congregation of around 100 members. Remember that cause in your prayers too.

The students of the Northwest, Iowa PR Christian School presented their All-School program entitled “The I AM’s of Christ” on March 16.