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The January Office Bearers’ Conference was held in Southeast Church and featured Rev. G. Lubbers as speaker. The assigned topic was the question, “Can we accept the baptism of Roman Catholicism?” The question was answered in the affirmative by the speaker, who then very capably explained the origin of this problem as being in the time when the Protestant Reformation was gaining momentum and the continuing forsaking of the mother church with its membership joining the Reformation churches. There was a disappointing attendance at this conference which showed the dwindling interest in these meetings. What is the matter? Good speakers are giving good speeches; that isn’t it. Are we being satiated with lectures? Five a year cannot be too much. Are the subjects not interesting to the office bearers, the workmen in the Church of Christ? Probably we are not heeding the injunction of Scripture, “Study thyself to be approved of God, aworkman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of God.”

The Beacon Lights Staff has announced Feb. 18 to be the date of the next area-wide hymn sing to be held in Southwest Church in Grand Rapids. Can they expect you to mark this in your date book and take your Sunday evening company along?

Do you know that Loveland’s manse houses a new arrival? Rev. and Mrs. Engelsma were blessed with the gift of a baby daughter, born early in December.

Southwest’s pastor was scheduled to spend his classical appointment in Hull, Iowa Jan. 14 and 21, with the Seminary’s providing the pulpit supply in Rev. Lubbers’ absence. Their Jan. 7 bulletin also announced the consistory’s newly appointed officers. The new clerk is Mr. J. Boone, 1319 Den Hartog, SW.; and the treasurer is Mr. P. Lotterman, 2141 Newport, SW. Both of these are in Wyoming, Mich. 49509.

First Church’s clerk is Mr. Jas. Heys, l432 Giddings Ave., S.E. 49507; and the treasurer is Mr. J. Vander Woude, 1133 Adams St., S.E. 49507. Southeast officers are, Clerk: Mr. J. DeVries, 824 Evergreen, S.E; 49507; treasurer: Mr. William Faber, 1340 Cambridge Blvd., S.E. 49506. All of these are listed in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Oak Lawn’s bulletin asked the adult membership to be faithful in attending the Adult Bible Study Society. They are currently studying Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, and the after-recess discussion centers around the understanding of the Westminster Confession. It was probably coincidental that one of the fillers at the bottom of the bulletin was this “quote,” “God holds us responsible not only for what we do know, but also for what we may know.”

Rev. Elliott, one of our stalwart friends in Jamaica, writes that since they now have more Psalters, both young and old are studying the Three Forms of Unity printed therein. They show much zeal in learning our truth and are earnestly exploring it further.

Rev. Decker is back in his pulpit in Doon again after some weeks of rest and recuperation in Grand Rapids. Though his duties are still somewhat restricted, he preached two sermons on Sunday, and conducted a funeral service the day before—three days after arriving home.

Holland’s prize member, 90-year-old Mrs. N. Yonker, always attends church twice each Sunday; and although she was also the victim of the flu bug, she was again eagerly looking forward to church services as soon as she could safely venture out. What a testimony to some of us younger folk who so easily find an excuse to stay home.

Lynden’s Jan. 7th bulletin noted that they have received a new family which had transferred their membership from South Holland, IL. Needless to say, a hearty welcome was extended this family which increased the total membership by 5%. Such joyous experiences are denied the members of large congregations.

Oak Lawn’s Sunday School did not meet Dec. 25 because of the failure of the mail service to deliver the papers on time. The Post Office’s Seasonal rush was evidently the cause. The Young People’s Society cancelled their meeting for that evening because of the Hymn-Sing held in the auditorium.

Lynden’s Biblical Doctrine Committee received a letter from Ann Arbor, where a medical student, a member of Southwest Church resides. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kreuzer related that they rely on The Standard Bearer, Beacon Lights and the Study Sheets for their spiritual nourishment. From Southwest’s bulletin we learn that Mr. and Mrs. Kreuzer have moved to Ethiopia for a four-month internship. The congregation was given their address that they might write to their far-removed members.

Classis East met for 1 1/2 days at Southeast Church and adjourned for one month to give time for the Study Committees to report on the protests assigned them. All other business was conducted, including the naming of Synodical Delegates. 

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