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Rev. J, Kortering, of Hull declined the call to Lynden, Washington. 

Rev. G. VanBaren, of Randolph; declined the call which came to him from First Church in Grand Rapids. 

Rev. H.C. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, declined the call to be Missionary for our churches.

First Church’s new trio includes the Revs. J.A. Heys, B. Woudenberg and J. Kortering.

The new Missionary trio consists of the Revs. D. Engelsma, H. Hanko and M. Schipper.

Rev. H. Hoeksema suffered a stroke Monday, August 10, which resulted in paralysis of his left arm and leg. Now, ten days later, we can report much improvement and the stricken muscles are responding to therapy treatments. Rev. Hoeksema expects to leave the hospital in a few days, and is looking forward to preaching again if the Lord so directs his way. 

Rev. G. Vos, of Hudsonville, spent a few weeks in the Grand Rapids Osteopathic Hospital. After having a bout with pneumonia the Reverend submitted to an operation from which he is slowly recuperating. The Doctor gives him permission td enter his pulpit after eight weeks. 

Mrs. G.M. Ophoff, widow of the late Prof. G.M. Ophoff, was called Home July 28. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. M. Schipper of Southeast Church of Grand Rapids. 

The Sr. Young People’s Society of First Church, Grand Rapids, recently shipped over a half ton of used clothing to our Jamaican friends. We note from all the church bulletins that the Society has given the churches opportunity to share with them the expense of shipping that heavy cargo. All of our congregations have very generously responded to the invitation thus making the gift of clothing again a denominational venture. 

Hull’s increase in operational expense has resulted: in a one dollar raise in the weekly budget since the acquisition of their own church building. But what a worthwhile reason!

A welcome to our mailbag is the steady flow of weekly bulletins from our “out West” congregation in Redlands, Calif. The first of these announced the fact that Rev. Herman Hanko, of Doon, preached the installation service of his father July 19. This sermon was an exposition of I Cor. 9:16 under the theme, “The Preacher’s Necessity.” Rev. C. Hanko preached his inaugural sermon in the evening service based on Eph. 6:19, 20 under the heartfelt theme, “Request for Intercessory Prayer.” The congregation welcomed their new pastor and his family the following Friday evening demonstrating their thanks to God for His providing, for them, and their gratitude to their pastor for heeding the call to come over and help them. 

Holland’s congregation is joyfully proceeding with their plans for the construction of a new church edifice. Final plans, bids and financing for this building project was adopted in a July congregational meeting. They now await the builder’s convenience. 

Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland has recently concluded a series of sermons on “David, the Type of Christ.” A series of this kind most surely links the Old with the New Testament in a very effective manner. Have you ever wondered if David composed the Psalms as type of Christ? 

Holland’s young people organized a Young People’s Society which is scheduled to meet Sunday afternoons. They have chosen the Book of Esther for Bible study and the after recess discussion will be on the Canons of Dordrecht. This timing gives the new organization a month to get settled before the Young People’s Convention to be held at Hope Church in Grand Rapids. 

Mr. Arthur Bleyenberg, of Edgerton, Minn., celebrated his 92nd birthday Friday, August 7. Is he now the oldest member of the denomination? 

Sharing the services of ministers is a quite common practice among our churches, but the Grand Rapids churches even shared their organists this summer. Hope church loaned their Mrs. Gerald Kuiper and Southeast Church loaned their Mrs. C. Lubbers to First Church to lead that congregation in singing to the accompaniment of the mighty pipe organ. Such “togetherness” between sister churches is a welcome evidence of the unity of our people, and was greatly appreciated by First’s congregation. 

Quoted from a letter received from a minister assigned to Lynden on Classical appointment this summer: “The congregation is small, but flourishing. They are vitally interested in the cause of our churches. They have a beautiful little church building, which represents the labors of many of the people, of some of the ministers, of Mr. Henry Meulenberg, of Grand Rapids, who made a pamphlet rack for the lobby, and especially of Mr. F. Aalpoel, of Lynden, who handcrafted a beautiful walnut pulpit matching the paneling of the back of the platform. The parsonage here is adequately furnished for visiting ministers and their families, and the larder is well-stocked upon arrival.” 

. . . see you in church.