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The Hope Heralds, our churches’ only male singing group, invited the public to a Sunday evening program Jan. 21. The men sang some beautiful Male Chorus numbers; and the program also included audience participation, which made it seem somewhat like a hymn sing. This “hymn sing,” like those lately sponsored by the Beacon Lights Staff, was well attended. Hope church was comfortably filled, and that means many people had an evening of enjoyable Christian fellowship.

Lynden’s Adult Bible Class is currently studying “The Three Marks of the True Church.” This topic is worthy of study by all of us in these last days wherein those “marks” are rapidly being erased. The first evidence of this is usually noticed in the neglect of the exercise of Christian Discipline—wielding the Key-Power—which naturally leads to the profanation of the Lord’s Table, and ending in complete erasure when Christ removes His Candlestick from that church when she no longer preaches the true doctrines of Holy Writ, that, church which was formerly called after His name, “Christian.” This truth which we confess is found in the 29th article of the Netherlands Confession, and is our confession, isn’t it?

Southeast’s bulletin of Jan. 14 reminded their people that the Mission Board has published the lecture series of last winter in a 95-page booklet. Those five lectures may be had for your personal enjoyment for the cost price—$1.00. Your order should be sent to Rev. M. Schipper, 1543 Cambridge Ave., S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506.

Our latest report from Doon is that Rev. Decker is back in full swing again. It would be very difficult to determine which of the two is the happier with this progress report, Doon’s pastor or his congregation.

Did you know that our Hull, Iowa congregation has been offered a new trio of names from which they may choose one minister to come over to help them? The trio: Revs. R.D. Decker, R.C. Harbach and B. Woudenberg.

The Men’s Society of First Church traveled to Holland and were the guests of Holland’s society on Jan. 22. The January thaw cleaned the roads and the weather was really conducive to winter travel that night. The visiting society furnished the after-recess program which consisted of a paper by Mr. P. Bykerk on, “The Command to go Forward.” This original command found in Exodus 14:15 was viewed in the light of the need of the church of all ages to be strengthened in the face of all obstacles, none of which were ever greater or more formidable than the Red Sea which barred the way of Israel.

The Prot. Ref. High School Circle’s re-scheduled (from Feb. 1 to Jan. 23) and re-located (from Hope church to First) meeting was held in the large room in the basement. The Circle had invited all interested ladies to this first meeting of the year, and the entire Priscilla Society of First Church attended as this was their regular Tuesday evening date and they had a special invitation to join the circle for this important meeting. The Administrator and Principal of the High School; Mr. Roland Petersen, spoke to the members concerning the details involving preparation for the opening of a brand new school. The building will be constructed of eight inch blocks faced with four inch brick on a concrete foundation. The building committee is doing everything possible to obtain for the children and their parents the most practicable and economical building their limited finances will allow. Mr. Petersen also spoke of the matter of qualified teachers certificated by the State of Michigan. He revealed to the ladies the courses to be offered, which include a choir, and a band. Music literature will be taught from a Protestant Reformed point of view. Plans have been made to provide special attention to slow learners to encourage them in their quest for an education which shall prepare them for their chosen profession and work. Tapes will be provided so that different languages may be taught. The Administrator also quoted anticipated costs of microscopes (15 needed), of typewriters (24 needed), a piano, the clock system, and of all the other items needed for a well-equipped high school. The ladies were agreed that this was a worthwhile evening, giving them courage to go forward with a renewed zeal to help raise some of the funds necessary to make this dream of many years become real. Miss A. Lubbers, president of the Circle, led in opening devotions, and the usual business was conducted. Three new members were added to the rolls, and the next time and place of meeting was announced.

From Redlands’ bulletin we learn that a new baptismal font decorates the auditorium as a gift from two families in the congregation; and through the efforts of the janitor the front lawn had new shrubbery replaced January 7. (While other church janitors are struggling with snow-shoveling and salt-spreading that the people can enter the church sure-footed!) The congregation also surprised Rev. Hanko with a very generous purse to go towards the purchase of a new car.

Do you know the list of seven things which the Lord hates, yea, which are an abomination to Him? Prov. 6:16-19. If they are listed in an ascending scale, it is noteworthy that the third concerns hands that shed innocent blood, while the seventh points to him “who soweth discord among brethren.” Probably this is one of the texts upon which the Communion Form rests when it mentions that sin as one that defileth a man and marks him as “having no part in the kingdom of Christ.”

. . . .see you in church.