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Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, received the call to be minister in First Church of Grand Rapids. 

Rev. M. Schipper, of Southeast Church in Grand Rapids, received the call to be Missionary for our churches. 

The 1964 Young People’s Convention was universally acclaimed to be the “best ever.” The Mass Meeting, which gave the conventioneers the initial impetus, was certainly a worthwhile evening. Prof. H.C. Hoeksema substituted for his father in the Keynote Speech. His topic, “Be Ye Holy—Personally” was the thrust which gave the entire convention direction in developing the general theme, “Be Ye Holy.” The large gym in Grandville was filled with a quiet and attentive audience, having attracted many parents and friends of the delegates. The keynote speech was an excellent exposition of the admonition to be holy, finding its basis in the Holiness of God Himself. A girl’s sextet from Hudsonville rendered a beautiful number, and a girl’s trio from Edgerton executed an intricate vocal selection with aplomb. The outing, the pancake breakfast, and the concluding banquet were continuations of the fine beginning made at the Mass. Meeting. Rev. H. Hanko was the Speaker at the Outing and spoke to an appreciative audience of young people on “Be Ye Holy—With Your Friends,” The Banquet, held in Unity High Gym in Hudsonville, was also a huge success when 200 young people and their leaders enjoyed a Dutch dinner. They were served by couples dressed in Dutch costumes—minus the klompen. To the Hollanders present the menu, printed in Dutch, was quite intelligible except for the one item called “piccadilly.” Rev. D. Engelsma gave the concluding address, “Be Ye Holy—In The World.” A girl’s quartette from First Church of Grand Rapids sang two numbers; a movie by Don Faber was shown which depicted the printing of one issue of the Beacon Lights from the planning stage to the living room of the reader. Narration was by Lamm Lubbers. After the closing prayer the audience rose to sing, “God be with you till we meet again” and the huge crowd dispersed in a bushed and reverent manner, looking forward to the 25th Convention to be held in South Holland.Parents, you may be glad to know that the ministers present at the Convention are mighty proud of your teenagers! 

We lifted this paragraph from Holland’s Aug. 30 bulletin: Work has begun on our new church building. The concrete footings have been poured this past week. The concrete walls will be poured this coming week if everything goes according to plan. Thus we have the beginning of another milestone in the history of the Protestant Reformed Church in Holland. 

Radio news: Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa will be the speaker on the Reformed Witness Hour during October, and the four sermons will be under the general theme, “Preserved by the Father.” The individual titles are, “Prevailing Over The World” (Oct. 4), “Victory Over The Flesh” (Oct. 11), “Peace For The Despondent” (Oct. 18) and, “Our Epitaph—Redeemed From Evil” (Oct. 25). For printed copies write, “The Reformed Witness Hour, Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501. 

A group of ladies from the Grand Rapids area churches have organized a Protestant Reformed High School Circle. The first regular meeting, July 27, featured Mr. R. Moore, one of our newest Seminary enrollees, who spoke on the subject, “Why a Protestant Reformed High School? 

Randolph’s church auditorium underwent some redecorating. The Building Comm. improved the appearance by installing rubber runners, and new drapes were hung—a gift from the Adult Bible Class. 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Westra, of Randolph, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with an “Open House” recently. The congregation presented the aged couple with a gift of an F.M. radio which was greatly appreciated. 

At this writing Southwest’s manse is a lonely place for its new pastor. Mrs. Lubbers suffered a hip fracture Sept. 3 at a picnic of the Mr. and Mrs. Society. She is now in Grand Rapids Osteopathic Hospital where she submitted to surgery. The surgeon warns that it will be at least five months before she can expect to walk again. 

The two senior pastors of our denomination are still resting from their labors. Hudsonville is eagerly awaiting Rev. Vos’ rem to the pulpit as Rev. Hoeksema’s recovery is being watched by his congregation. 

During Rev. Otis’ recuperation period Rev. H. Veldman of Hope Church, is conducting Hudsonville’s morning service at 9 A.M. and Hope’s morning service till 11 A.M. and another service in the evening in his own church. Thus Hope’s’ pastor is preaching three times each Sunday. Reminds one of olden-times! 

To all the sick and shut-ins we recommend the reading of the beautiful 139th Psalm which begins with the Christian’s acknowledgment: “O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me. Thou knowest my downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thoughts afar off. Thou compassest my path and my lying down, and art acquainted with all my ways.” 

. . . see you in church.