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The Beacon Lights February Hymn-sing was held in Southwest Church and drew a pew-filling, aisle-stuffing crowd of enthusiastic singers. Jim Schipper led the “sing” in his usual jovial manner, lifting the spirits of the people to a rafter-ringing response to his direction. A sixteen voice segment of Adams St, School choir rendered a few numbers; Mrs. Phil Lotterman and Kathy Clawson gave an organ-piano duet and also accompanied the singing. Ken Kuiper gave a reading which revealed his responses in an imaginary debate with an unbelieving acquaintance who challenged his faith. From all reports, this was a very satisfying hymn sing which brought the Lord’s Day to a fitting close.

Because he was a delegate to Classis West, which would meet the first week in March, Rev. C. Hanko, of Redlands, Calif., planned to preach in Hull, to lecture in Doon, and to conduct church visitation in the churches. The lecture was sponsored by Doon’s School Board, and the announced topic was “Training Our Children.”

Lynden’s congregation was happy to witness the public confession of faith of three of their members in the afternoon of February 18.

Southwest’s congregation approved a consistory proposed repair and remodel project and a new heating unit to be installed in the basement. Their hard-of-hearing members have also been supplied with some seven hearing-aid outlets in three rows of seats. Their Mr. De Kraker was prepared to give instruction for their use to those requesting it.

Because of a badly disrupted work schedule due to the long session of Classis East, many pulpit exchanges were arranged. The Revs. Lubbers, Heys, and Harbath made a three-way switch, and Revs. Veldman and Kortering traded their posts for one service.

All of our bulletins revealed the fact that we were privileged to share Edgerton’s burden in maintaining their own school. This was indeed a privilege, and the great need was supported while heeding the admonition, “share ye one another’s burdens.”

The Mission Board of our churches has requested Southeast’s consistory to release Rev. Schipper for four weeks so that he may return to labor in Pella, Iowa. This request was granted, which necessitated a cancellation of their pastor’s classical appointments to South Holland, as well as supply of both the latter and of Southeast’s pulpit by the Seminary.

Oak Lawn’s Adult Bible Study Class, in their bulletin announcement, made this request, “Let us strive to follow the example of the Bereans who were ‘more noble than those in Thessalonica in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily whether these things were so,'” quoting from Acts 17.

Hull has called Rev. Decker to be their minister. And when you read this (written 25 days before publication) you also will know what Rev. Decker’s reply to Hull was.

The Federation Board invited the area young people to a toboggan party at Hula Heights for the evening of February 22. This ad mentioned the fee, fun, food, and fellowship, but couldn’t have mentioned the knee-out-of-joint to be suffered by Ron Yonkers at the bottom of the hill! That George Washington’s birthday celebration will probably be best remembered by the jaunt to the hospital emergency room to re-locate the dislocated joint. Some fun! Some fee!

The Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Society of Hope Church recently enjoyed some slides of the Island of Guam, shown by Mr. and Mrs. Quenga, who are teachers in Hope School. Mr. Quenga is a native of Guam, and Mrs. Quenga taught school there for some time, and is fully acquainted with the country and its people. In the school’s “Highlights” Mr. Quenga has a contribution in which he tells about the Island and records some of his impressions of his new environment. It is too long to be inserted in this column, but we wish you could all read his reflections on parent-controlled schools; he relates that the primary consideration why their family moved to the mainland was their son’s education. His concluding thoughts were of “their precious son, for soon the time will come when his little face, with its dark almond-shaped eyes, will appear along with the others to claim his right to these covenant blessings, even though his coming was from far across the sea.”

The other school papers, Adams St. “Announcer,” South Holland’s “Reflector,” and Loveland’s “Ledger” have all come to our desk and are excellent contributions to the reading material coming into our homes. It would be extremely difficult to award first prize to any one of these if such a contest were ever held. They are all tops!

Lynden’s little flock does not boast a janitor. All the male members are so described—even the minister takes his turn to clean the church. Clearly the social strata of Lynden is singular!

Quiet Thought: “Christ has gone to prepare heaven for us and has sent the Holy Ghost to prepare us for heaven.” 

. . . see you in church.