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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Minister Activities 

The Doon, IA PRC called Rev. Carl Haak to be our churches’ next missionary pastor to the Berean PRC in the Philippines. Rev. Haak was led of the Lord to decline this call.

From a trio of the Revs. Allen Brummel, Steven Key, and Ronald VanOverloop, the Edgerton, MN PRC extended a call to Rev. Allen Brummel to serve as missionary in Sioux Falls, SD. On Sunday, October 7, Rev. Brummel announced his acceptance of that call.

Congregation Activities

As a denomination, we give thanks to our heavenly Father for providing our churches with another pastor. Mr. Clayton Spronk gave a good testimony of the gifts for the ministry before the delegates at Classis West on September 5. He was ordained into the ministry of the Word on September 7 and then installed as the second pastor of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL. That next Lord’s Day, September 9, Rev. Spronk preached his inaugural sermon, choosing as his text, 
James 1:5-8, under the theme “Asking God for Wisdom.” As churches we pray that God may give Rev. Spronk a long and fruitful ministry and make him a clear and shining light of His glory.

The consistory of the Hull, IA PRC gave approval to requests from various members of their congregation to transfer their membership papers to Calvary PRC upon the date of their organization, which will take place, the Lord willing, October 11 at Hull. The current list now includes a total of 43 families and 7 individuals, for a membership of 180 souls.

Since this is the first time we have mentioned the name of our newest daughter congregation on the back page of the Standard Bearer, we can also add that earlier this summer, as plans began to take shape for the daughter congregation, they had opportunity to vote for a church name. Voting narrowed down the list of possible church names to three: Calvary, Emmanuel, and Zion. Subsequent voting then narrowed it down even further to Calvary.

On Sunday, September 9, the daughter congregation of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI held its first worship service in the Music Room of Heritage Christian School. After many months of planning and pre-Sunday jitters, the core group was thrilled to be joined by approximately 90-100 visitors from either Faith or other PRC congregations. Prof. Russell Dykstra preached for them in the morning on Lord’s Day 39 with the theme, “Honoring all God-Given Authorities.” Prof. Ronald Cammenga preached in the evening on I Kings 16, with the theme, “The Spirit of the Age.” For those interested in attending the daughter church, they are meeting in the Music Room at Heritage Christian School, with services at 9:30 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Nursery is provided at both services and there is a time for coffee and fellowship after the morning service.

The younger members of the Lynden, WA PRC were invited to a Labor Day outing on September 3. A hike up Sumas Mountain and canoeing and a cookout at Silver Lake Park were planned for the first half of the day, with a dinner get-together at the home of one of Lynden’s members for later in the afternoon, for those not so young members of Lynden who did not hike or canoe.

The council of the Hudsonville, MI PRC recently hired a company to install a “wire loop” around the perimeter of the inside of their church. This means that if a member of Hudsonville has a hearing aid, the hearing loop amplifies and sends the sound signal directly into their hearing aids. The sound heard by a person wearing the hearing aids is often described as “crystal clear.” The noise of the fans, AC, background noise, and other distracting sounds are eliminated, and all one hears is the voice of the person speaking from the microphone.

Sister-Church Activities

You might be interested to know that our sister church in Ballymena, NI, the Covenant PRC, now has 95 different languages and about 650 translated pieces on their website ( The top languages are Portuguese (258), German (65), Italian (28), Russian (24), Spanish (22), Dutch (18), French (17), Filipino (11), and Ukrainian (10).

Mission Activities

Our denomination’s mission field in Spokane, WA, under the care of the Loveland, CO PRC, the Covenant of Grace PR Fellowship, moved its place of worship effective September 16. On that date the Fellowship began meeting at a new building at 330 W. Indiana. This new location is just north of downtown at the corner of Indiana and Washington. The Fellowship had been meeting in the Spokane Valley, and they will now be more centrally located in Spokane. This will better meet the needs of the Fellowship as a whole as well as their evangelism work in Spokane.

Seminary Activities

The Theological School began classes the last week in August. This year’s student body is one of the largest in the history of our school. The Lord has given us ten students from four different nations: the USA, Australia, NI, and the Philippines. God be praised for hearing our prayers for more laborers!

Denomination Activities

The League of PR Adult Bible Study Societies held their annual Mass Meeting to start the Bible study year on September 18 at the Hudsonville PRC. Rev. Garry Eriks, pastor at Hudsonville, spoke on “The Profaning of God’s Name.”

The Hope Heralds presented their annual summer concert at the Grandville, MI PRC Sunday evening, September 9. They followed that concert by traveling to the Kalamazoo, MI PRC on September 11 and presenting a concert there to kick off the Fall Bible study season for Kalamazoo’s congregation, and then the next day, the 12th, they sang at the chapel service of Covenant Christian High School.