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First Church auditorium was the place Rev. Heys chose to give an illustrated talk on the labors performed last summer in Jamaica. Men, women and children came out to see the slides picturing the beauty of the island and, the smiling faces of many of the members of the Jamaican Prot. Ref. Churches. The ability of our “travelogue speaker” to pick and choose scenes that “tell it as it is” was clearly evident in those slides which showed the lush beauty of the hilly terrain, as well as those which gave intimate glimpses of the friendly brethren and sisters in the faith as they were gathered in and around their churches. Included in these were two river baptisms, one with nine “candidates” waiting their turn to enter the river, and one with a lone candidate being immersed in the waters of the river. The lecturer assured us that infant baptism was on the increase and proved his point with a slide showing the rite being administered to an infant. During the intermission an offering was taken for the Jamaican Benevolent Fund, and a tape was heard reproducing some Sunday School children in the singing of Psalter numbers. Rev. Heys is an ardent champion of our Jamaican friends and one is readily convinced of his love for them and for the cause of the further instruction in the doctrines of the church. Pictorial proof was also furnished in regard to the good arrival of the many bales of used clothing packed and shipped by the deacons of Southeast Church: One fact stood out in these pictures, and that was that one must be strong of limb and agile in footwork to negotiate the steep and stony paths which lead up to the churches inevitably situated on top of the hill. A salute to the plucky wives of our emissaries, Mrs. Heys and Mrs. Feenstra, who huffed and puffed their way up those hills! The lecture was not clear as to the role Mr. Feenstra played on the Island, but the illustrations were very clear: the children adopted him as their grandpa sure enough! The evening was a fitting close to Thanksgiving Day.

Kalamazoo’s congregation recently welcomed a family of four from Bryan, Ohio. The bulletin notice read, in part, “In their area they have been members in the Methodist and Baptist Churches. In the providence of God they were led to the Reformed Truth as had in the writings of Spurgeon and Calvin, and as had in correspondence with Rev. B. Woudenberg of Lynden, Wash.”

The Beacon Lights Thanksgiving Hymnsing was held in Southeast Church Nov. 24 after the evening service. Henry Vander Vennen was the enthusiastic song-leader; an offering received was for the young people’s magazine, Beacon Lights. Our young people were a bit guilty of fraudulent advertising for they had announced that special feature numbers would feature “Karen and John Hoekstra, the Westra girls, Mark and Eunice Hoeksema, Henry Vander Vennen, Jim Slopsema and Rev. Schipper; but the features of Mark and Jim and Rev. Schipper were not evident. John Hoekstra played, “Open the Gates of the Temple” on his cornet, accompanied on the piano by his cousin, Karen; The Westra girls sang, “For the Beauty of the Earth” and “The World is not My Home”. Eunice Hoeksema was at the organ and Brenda Rietema was at the piano for the singing. According to reports this, too, was an evening of spiritual enjoyment in the company of saints.

Kalamazoo’s Adult Bible Class is currently studyingRevelation 8, and has been reminded that “things are not what they seem” but that things and the world are as the Word reveals them.

Loveland’s pastor was scheduled to preach in Hull on a classical appointment Nov. 17 and 24, and Hull’s parsonage was furnished for light-housekeeping so that Rev. Engelsma and family might occupy it while there for two weeks.

Rev. Engelsma is treating “Marriage, The Mystery of Christ and the Church” in a series of Sunday evening services. A November bulletin carried this quotation from Martin Luther’s “On Marriage Matters”: “And why did you not seek advice from your pastor? People no longer want to have preachers or pastors; they do not heed them or need them, and they act as if they could do all things and well live without them. Well then, people will have to suffer the consequences of this and take it as their reward and spare us the complaining and howling . . . . Why does God provide you with parents, pastors and authorities if you do not need them?”

A Hudsonville bulletin notice regarding a joint meeting of their Young People’s Society with that of Hope’s society read in part, “They are expecting at least 45 of us, so let’s all be there”. Forty Five?

Lynden’s consistory has begun scheduling monthly collections to meet the expenses of having purchased, new church furnishings.

Kalamazoo’s Young People’s Society has secured Mr. Ed Lotterman from Grand Rapids to be their leader. Mr. Lotterman is a member of our Southwest Church and is one of our Seminary students.

A look at the budget adopted at the Congregational meeting at First Church reflects the rising cost of running our ecclesiastical household. Twenty years ago the budget per family was $2.00, and in 1969 it will be $8.00.

And in Hope’s bulletin we found the joyous announcement: “Hope School reports that the recent financial drive has been a success. $7,125.00 has been collected in cash and pledges. Thanks to each one who supported this cause, and also much thanks to the collectors”. 

. . . see you in church.