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Hudsonville’s pastor, Rev. H. Veldman, decided to remain in that charge; and declined the calls he had recently received from South Holland, Ill. and Pella, Iowa.

Loveland’s Young Peoples’ Society, in an after recess program, interested themselves in a study of “The Church in History”, and, co-incidentally, the Mens’ Society treated a paper on “A History of the Christian Church” the same week.

Western co-operation is still very much in evidence in our Western Churches. On Dec. 8 Rev. Lanting, of Edgerton, Minn. officiated at one service in Doon, Iowa while Rev. Decker was on Classical appointment in Pella, Iowa.

Rev. Engelsma, while on a classical appointment at Hull, Iowa, spoke at a P.T.A. meeting in Edgerton, Minn. on “The Importance of Educating our Covenant Children”; and for a Thanksgiving Program in their own school, Loveland’s pastor spoke on “Thankfully Obey Your Parents.”

Sunday, Nov. 17 Rev. Moore conducted a morning and an afternoon service in Forbes, N.D. and preached in the evening service in his own church in Isabel, S.D.

Whereas in the above items it was noted that the Revs. Engelsma, Decker and Moore crossed statelines to officiate in worship services, it should be noted that Rev. Woudenberg crosses international boundary lines to conduct a weekly Bible Study Class in Ladner, B.C. Canada. But the last mentioned is the shorter trip, for an announcement in Lynden’s bulletin informs the congregation that if they leave the church at 7:30 they can be at Ladner by 8:15—the time for class.

It might be interesting to note the time-lag in news items from source to publication. An announcement from the Young Peoples’ Federation Board called attention to the unwary young people that there were only approximately 330 days until the Convention in Redlands, Calif. This announcement was in the Nov. 10 bulletin of Doon when the days had dwindled to approximately 200; and when this is published Jan. 1 the number will have diminished to approximately 150!

Appropos of the above: 

To our pastors and/or clerks—we recommend as a splendid New Years Resolution, “I will mail two bulletins every second week to the News Editor”. Remember, your weekly bulletins are the grist for the mill of this page. We have not heard from some of our churches for months! Our address has not changed; it can be found inside the front cover page of everyStandard Bearer.

Rev. B. Woudenberg, while on a Church Visitation Schedule, gave a lecture in Redlands Nov. 12 on “The Mission Calling of the Local Church.”

Redlands’ Young People are working hard to raise the funds necessary to host a convention next summer. One of their projects—selling Christmas cards—fell by the wayside, but the offering taken at the above mentioned lecture and the proceeds of the “pie social” after the lecture swelled the Convention Fund appreciably.

The ladies of Redlands’ congregation prepared a happy occasion for their Juffrow by having a birthday party in her honor Nov. 8. A note of appreciation, from Rev. and Mrs. Hanko, for this expression of their love appeared in the next Sunday’s bulletin.

An English assignment in our Covenant Christian High School calendar was the writing of an unsigned essay on the students’ impressions of the new school. It was said that the comments covered the entire spectrum from outright praise to dissatisfaction, which was supposed to prove they were the result of purposeful analysis—at least most of them! One wonders if the students suspected that their unsigned essays nevertheless were quite easily identifiable by their handwriting, and typed them?

O.K. you young people, so you have approximately 150 days left to raise the funds necessary to cover the expenses’ of your convention. What have you accomplished towards this goal in the past 215 days?

Proverbs 14:21 states, “Happy is he that hath mercy on the poor”. We wish you a Happy New Year! 

. . . see you in church