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Rev. D. Engelsma, of Loveland, declined the call from Hudsonville, Mich. Rev. R.C. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, has received a call from Randolph, Wis., from a trio which included the Revs. Engelsma and Lanting.

An Inspirational Christmas Mass meeting was scheduled to be held in Hope Church Friday evening, Dec. 17. Rev. VanBaren, of First Church, was secured to give a message befitting the commemoration of the Incarnation of the Lord of Glory, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Men’s Society of Oak Lawn invited the Rev. G. Lubbers to speak at a public meeting held Thursday evening, Dec. 9. Rev. Lubbers spoke on his labors in Houston, Tex., while Missionary of our churches. A question and answer period was scheduled to be held after the speech.

The Men’s Society of South Holland sponsored a lecture by Prof. H. Hanko Dec. 3. The subject of the lecture: “Civil Rights in the Light of Scripture.”

Rev. B. Woudenberg has taken up his duties in his new church in Lynden, Wash., and has begun a new venture which has all the earmarks of a worthwhile neighborhood mission program. His concern is for the sickness prevailing in Christendom today, the symptoms of which may be seen in a faith that is cold and comfortless, which gives neither courage nor strength. The Pastor claims that the words of Hosea 4:6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will reject thee,” are applicable to the situation in modern day Christianity. Rev. Woudenberg’s program provides for a weekly study class to be held in their church Wednesday evenings treating “some aspect of Christian doctrine as taught by the Word of God.” Mimeographed introductions will be handed out at the church and will be mailed out within the community, and the Reverend urges everyone to invite friends, relatives and neighbors to attend. Their new pastor expects the members of this class “to carry their Bibles to the meetings, use them, study them at home, and memorize those passages marked with an asterisk in these Introductions.” It surely looks like our little church in Lynden is’ striving to give witness to the Glory of God by uncovering her light, which we too often hide under a bushel, to let it shine as a light on a hill that cannot be hid.

Hudsonville’s congregation met in social gathering to bid their emeritus Minister and his wife the blessing of God upon them, that they may “fare well” in his retirement from the active ministry. Rev. and Mrs. Vos intend to live in Hudsonville and continue to worship with the congregation he has served for almost 18 years. According to the bulletin a “princely gift” accompanied the expression of love and “well wishing” of his people. Rev. Vos’ response to all this in the bulletin was, “God bless you all for ever more!”

The January schedule for the Reformed Witness Hour radio broadcasts, featuring Rev. G. Vos, are as follows: Jan. 2—”Judas, the Praise of Jehovah;” Jan. 9—”Divine Destruction” (Ex. 11:7b); Jan. 16—”Salvation is of the Lord” (John 10:27-30); Jan. 23—”The Heavenly Gift” (Jer. 32:39); Jan. 30—”The Judging King” (Matt. 25:40).

The Young People’s Society of Loveland is studying “The History of the Protestant Reformed Churches.” Each week a chapter of the book is discussed after having been introduced by a member of the society. That history might be profitably studied by all our young people that they might be reminded of the reason for our existence as a separate denomination.

The Young People’s Society of Southeast Church is keeping alive the tradition of an annual potluck supper involving the entire congregation. Another such supper was held Dec. 11. The main object of such potluck supper is that of Christian fellowship as stated in the bulletin, “this is a good time for our people to get acquainted with each other.”

As small as is Lynden’s congregation, they nevertheless have one of their members, James Vander Veen, in the Armed Forces, evidently in foreign service; for his address in the bulletin is under an A.P.O. out of San Francisco, Calif. The congregation is urged to reveal their concern for him by writing to him regularly.

The congregation of Hull celebrated their 40th anniversary Dec. 10. Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. J.A. Heys, both former pastors of that church, were invited to attend the celebration and to take part in the program. Rev. Heys came by train and conveyed his greetings to his former charge, but Rev. Hanko traveled by plane and was grounded in Denver where he spent the weekend. In Rev. Hanko’s spot on the program a taped message of greeting was played. This tape had been prepared before it was known that Rev. Hanko was expected to be there in person. The splendid program included: Opening devotions by Rev. Kortering; church history by Mrs. T. Kooima; Piano-organ duet by Mrs. H. Van Maanen and Mrs. A. Kooiker; solo by Jane Van Maanen; some numbers by the choral society, and by a group from the Ladies Society, and by two Sunday School classes. Rev. R. Decker, of Doon, closed the joyous occasion with prayer and thanksgiving. A social hour followed the evening’s program. 

. . . see you in church.