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Rev. R.C. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, has declined the call to be Home Missionary of our churches. 

Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, has declined the call which came to him from Edgerton, Minn. 

Rev. Harbach has received a call from Randolph, Wis.; and Rev. Lanting is considering a call which he received from Edgerton. Rev. Kortering is also considering the call he received from Hudsonville. 

Isabel, S. Dak. has announced the following trio: Revs. D. Engelsma, J. Kortering, and M. Schipper.

The congregation of Hull planned a Mission Program Dec. 13 to see the colored slides made in connection with the work in Jamaica by Rev. Heys and Mr. Zwak. An offering was received for the Jamaican Mission work.

Seminarian Dale Kuiper underwent surgery for kidney stones Dec. 15, and his absence from the area pulpits was felt immediately, causing many changes in preaching schedules.

Holland’s Ladies’ Society invited all the adult members of the congregation to their annual Christmas social. Bible discussion was followed by a short program and refreshments.

Hope’s consistory has decided to hold separate Elders’ meetings, in harmony with the 37th Article of the Church Order, having judged their consistory to be sufficiently large for this move.

First Church and Hope church (and probably others) have again decided to have Installation of Office Bearers on Sunday, Jan. 2, instead of New Year’s Day. The purpose of this delay was to give opportunity to have special sermons for each occasion. Rev. VanBaren’s sermon was on Heb. 13:17, under the theme “Submission to Soul-Watchers” with these three points of division: The Soul-Watchers, Their Obligation to Watch, and, Proper Submission to Them.

South Holland’s Dec. 12th bulletin issued a call for help from their young people to sort and pack used clothing, donated to them or our people in Jamaica.

The remodeling of the parsonage in Redlands has been completed and Mrs. Hanko, a year after her debilitating stroke, is again able to walk through the rooms without aid. She begins to enjoy doing little things about the house. The head of the manse writes: “How wondrous are the ways of God—unfathomed and unweighed.

Rev. R. Decker, Doon’s new pastor, has embarked on another phase of his ministry—that of Family Visitation. May he and his flock continue “to regard the practice of holding periodic supervisory visits with all their members in their homes gathered in family groups as one of our denominational strongholds.”

The Mission Board has decided to conduct a series of public lectures in Grand Rapids as a follow-up of the Reformation Day Rally. A committee of nine, with Rev. Schipper as chairman, has been asked to promote this project. Watch your bulletins for further information regarding this Mission effort.

Oak Lawn’s Ladies’ Society invited all the adults, plus the young people, to their annual Christmas Banquet held Dec. 22. One who has always been a member of a large church somewhat envies those in smaller churches who can have such congregational social gatherings where they may enjoy one another’s friendship and fellowship in an informal setting.

Quiet Thought found in Southeast’s bulletin: “Lost—many hours of meditative reading. Owner should do all in his power to get them back.”

The Winter Office Bearers Conference was scheduled for Tuesday evening, Jan. 3, in Southeast Church. Rev. M. Schipper was the speaker, and his burden was to answer the questions: “May a consistory discipline and. erase a baptized member?”, and, “Must the consistory have the approval of Classis or Synod?” Those quarterly conferences are scheduled for the evening before Classis in order that the delegates may also attend. Conferences such as these have proven to be very beneficial to Elders and Deacons alike, for problems that must be faced in both offices are discussed for the edification of the officers and for their congregations.

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Did they include a resolution to be more faithful: in society attendance, in preparation for Divine Worship Services, or in the instruction of our children in the way of the Lord, perhaps? But let us always keep in remembrance the three-fold Resolution we vowed when we made public confession of our faith; then these annual resolutions will be but re-affirmations of that triple one which governs our whole life. 

. . . . see you in church.