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Rev. J. A. Heys, of South Holland, Ill., is in receipt of a call from our church at Randolph, Wis. 

Rev. G. Lanting has requested from Edgerton’s consistory an extension of two weeks to consider the call to come over and help them. 

* * * 

On Tuesday evening, Oct. 11, the congregation and friends of Rev. and Mrs. D. Engelsma gathered to commemorate his three years in the ministry, and as undershepherd of Loveland’s congregation. Mr. Wm. Griess led in opening devotions and presided as master of ceremonies. A short program was planned, including a resume of their pastor’s schooling and work in their church, a song by the school children; an organ-cello duet, and a vocal duet in the German language. The pastor was presented with a gift to which the congregation contributed previous to the program. After this Rev. Engelsma thanked his people for the gift, and God for His mercies. Mr. Art Schwarz led in closing prayer. Refreshments were served in the basement and a social hour followed when many offered their personal congratulations to Rev. and Mrs. Engelsma. 

* * * 

A newsletter from the Dakotas reflects the appreciation of the labors of Seminarian Dale Kuiper who spent the summer serving the churches at Isabel and Forbes. Milo DeWald, clerk of Forbes, and Milton H. Collman, clerk of Isabel, both write that “the summer has gone too soon,” and that because their churches have no regular under-shepherd to feed them they found this “an interesting and comforting experience.” They aver that their congregations will never forget Student Kuiper in that “he drew a sharp line in his preaching.” They agreed that they enjoyed “his stress on the seriousness of our walk in this life as children of God.” We are also glad to report that Forbes’ church has been restored and is pretty much back to normal. News of this kind cannot fail to remind us of the acute shortage of ministers in our denomination. Young Men, take note


The League of Men’s Societies met in Southwest Church Nov. 7 with Rev. R. C. Harbach as speaker. The topic was, “The Significance of the Races in the World.” Because of his scholarly approach to the subject Rev. Harbach was asked to print his paper in his space in the Standard Bearer in order to share it with all our readers. 

* * * 

Rev. J. Kortering and family received an enthusiastic welcome from a grateful congregation in a public program in Hope Church of Grand Rapids on Nov. 4. Mr. D. Meulenberg, vice-president of the consistory, was the master of ceremonies and also served as spokesman for the congregation in a welcoming speech. The program was dominated by the theme, “God is Good to Us,” and was carried out by a vocal solo, group singing by the seventh and eighth graders of their school, the reading of a poem of welcome, a piano-organ duet, and congregational singing. In response to this expression by his new charge Rev. Kortering asserted his eagerness to “get to work” tending the flock of God at that place. The appreciation of probably the best of the “fringe benefits” enjoyed by the Korterings was evidenced by the enrolling of their school-age children in the Hope Prot. Ref. Chr. School some three hours before they moved into the parsonage. A social hour followed the public reception when the members of the congregation were given opportunity to extend their personal welcome to the new tenants of the manse. Rev. G. Lubbers served in the installation of Rev. Kortering the next Sunday morning, and the pastor’s inaugural sermon that evening was on II Kings 2:9-10, — the account of Elisha receiving the mantel from Elijah’s shoulders, whereby he might know that he was to take up his office where his predecessor left off. The point was well taken that a man and his successor each has his own personal characteristics and abilities with which he must serve the Lord in the field of His calling. 

* * * 

Prof. H. Hanko addressed the guests of the High School Circle in a public meeting held in our Hudsonville Church, speaking on “Christian History.” Despite the distractions of flickering lights and a frightened bird flying about the auditorium, the speaker succeeded in pleasing his audience with an informative and interesting talk, sending them home with the comforting realization that all history is Christian history, centering around Christ who came to fulfill the counsel of God in regard to His Elect People. 

* * * 

The area bulletins are carrying this announcement which may be of interest to all our societies: “Attention, program committees: Do you find it difficult to arrange an ‘after recess’ program for your society each meeting. The Radio Comm. of the Reformed Witness Hour has again prepared a special tape recording for your benefit. The tape runs about 32 minutes and renders a first hand account concerning our Mission Board’s endeavors in the Prot. Ref. Churches on the Island of Jamaica. For further information contact Mr. H. Vander Wal, 1047 Alto Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49507.” 

* * * 

Rev. B. Woudenberg, of Lynden, Wash. has again begun a series of “Studies of Biblical Doctrine” which he teaches to a class in his church, and of which he sends copies to many who are in a select mailing list. A reader from Scotsboro, Ala. Writes….. “It is a pleasure to know that there is another group which teaches sound doctrine . . . ..I share with you the belief in the special atonement of Christ for the elect only…that they shall be effectually called….and will be preserved… and not one of them shall be finally lost.” Surely a vivid realization of letting one’s light shine that our Heavenly Father may be glorified. 

. . ..see you in church.