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Now that Rev. Moore has accepted the call to Isabel, South Dakota, our Edmonton, Alberta, Canada congregation joins Redlands as a calling church. Edmonton has formed a trio consisting of Reverends Bruinsma, Bekkering, and Koole.

The church extension work in Bradenton, Florida continues, as is evident from this February 28 bulletin announcement of First Church (Grand Rapids): “Rev. Hanko will be returning from Bradenton this week. Rev. Joostens will be leaving early Wednesday morning. Our prayers go with him as he labors there for the next four Sundays.” 

In a November communication to their congregation the Church Extension Committee of Loveland, Colorado reported a number of activities in which the committee had been involved in the past year. These activities included: the sponsoring of the lecture “On the Glory of Jerusalem in the Light of Prophecy” given by Rev. Lubbers, the printing of 10,000 pamphlets, the mailing of about 4,000 pamphlets, their advertising in an area paper “with an explanation of our church and beliefs,” and the committee’s “looking into the possibility of a radio station with a large broadcasting area in Denver.” 

The Reformed Witness Committee of Redlands, California tells of “a number of very concerned individuals on our permanent mailing list living in the Ripon, California area. . . .” Those of our readership who are interested in geography might like to know that Ripon is about 50 miles east of Oakland. 

Rev. B. Woudenberg, pastor of our Kalamazoo, Michigan congregation, has long been active in a Bible study program called “Studies in Bible Doctrine.” In a letter to recipients of this correspondence course Rev. Woudenberg wrote: “These studies are designed to develop Christian doctrine by going directly to the Scriptures in which they are taught. It is our conviction that this is necessary if we are to have true conviction of faith and live out of the word of God as the Scriptures say we should.” 

Skipping down a few paragraphs he continues: “. . .if you are not acquainted with our tape studies, we would like to have you try them. These tapes knit together a study class of Christians scattered literally through all parts of the world. Each tape has a short but interesting introduction in which communications are read from various members of the class. After this a more detailed exposition is given of the doctrine treated in the current study sheet, again with emphasis upon the source of this doctrine in Scripture. All told it provides an interesting and profitable means for us to study the word of God together with Christians in all parts of the world; and we would like to have you join us. 

“And finally, if you know of any others who might like to receive these studies; we certainly would appreciate receiving their names and addresses from you. It is our desire to use our efforts in this way to spread the word of God as broadly as we can.” 

If you, dear reader, would like to respond to that last paragraph, send your correspondence to: Studies in Bible Doctrine, 427 North Fletcher, Kalamazoo, MI 49007.