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If our denomination should ever adopt the custom of the Christian Science churches who usually read a designated sermon in all their churches on the same Sunday, we would favor one preached in First Church March 10 to be read in our churches for a “preparatory sermon” before one of the quarterly celebrations of The Lord’s Supper. The text was James 3:5, 6 and the theme was, “Examining the Tongue.” The Holy Spirit here clearly outlines one of the approaches we may well take in our “self-examination,” realizing that as a bridle turns about a horse and a small helm a large ship, so our tongue defileth our whole body in a given direction “whithersoever the governor listeth.” And, should our custom be such, not one of us would dare excuse himself from this examination, but would be pressed to confess “that we do not come to the supper of the Lord to testify that we are perfect and righteous in ourselves” but that our righteousness is only in the sacrifice once offered on the cross—the sacrifice we so poignantly and thankfully remember in this celebration.

The Society for Prot. Ref. Secondary Education met in Southwest Church in annual meeting March 7, and made many important decisions regarding tuition rates and plans, building cost and financial arrangements, as well as the election of three new board members. The dream is now reaching for reality!

Loveland’s bulletin carries an announcement concerning a Casserole Supper to be held in their school, but what piqued our curiosity (was that its design?) was the mention of an unusual after-dinner program that had been planned. We wonder what was its unusual character.

In order to spur his people on to purchase the booklet, “The Five Points of Calvinism”—the ’66-’67 winter lecture series—Rev. Schipper, in his bulletin, reported that South Holland’s congregation of 59 families had ordered 50 copies!

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