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Rev. C. Hanko, of Redlands, Calif., received the call from our church in Holland, Mich. Rev. D. Engelsma, of Loveland, Colo., declined the call from Hull, Iowa. The consistory has announced a new trio consisting of the Revs. C. Hanko, G. Lubbers and M. Schipper. 

* * *


October 5 and December 7, 1966 

At Holland, Michigan 

Rev. G. Lanting presided over the preliminary devotions, and after the credentials were accepted, pronounced the classical session properly constituted. Rev. G. Lubbers, following the order of rotation then presided, while the Rev. Lanting recorded the minutes. All the churches were represented by two delegates each. 

The brethren T. Elzinga and S. Bylsma were appointed to serve on the finance committee. Prof. H. C. Hoeksema was granted an advisory vote. And the Rev. G. Van Baren, and Elders D. Meulenberg and M. Klop were appointed to arrange the classical appointment schedule. Classis West requested supply for the churches in Randolph, Edgerton and in the Dakotas. Hope Church also requested pulpit supply. The following schedule was adopted: Hope – Oct. 23 Lubbers Nov. 6 Harbach Nov. 20 Van Baren Dec. 4 Lubbers Dec. 18 Harbach Jan. 8 Lanting. Randolph – Oct. 30 Van Baren Nov. 13 Lanting Nov. 27 Harbach Dec. 4 Van Baren Dec. 18 Lanting. Jan. 8 Lubbers. Edgerton – Dec. 4, 11 Veldman. Isabel & Forbes – Jan. 8, 15, 22 Schipper. 

Classis then considered two appeals and the answers from the consistory of the church from which the appeals came. Classis decided to put this material into the hands of a study committee, consisting of the Revs. Lanting, Harbach, and Lubbers, and the Elders J. De- Vries, M. Klop, and D. Engelsma. 

Classis voted for two members to serve on the Classical Committee, namely, the Rev. G. Van Baren and the Rev. H. Veldman. They will serve for two years.

The Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily.. After the concept minutes were approved, classis adjourned until December 7th. 

On December 7th classis continued its October meeting, Rev. Lubbers leading in the opening devotions. Elder S. De Vries took the place of Rev. Lanting who .had accepted the call to our Edgerton Church. The committee appointed .in October to study the appeals and the/ answers of the consistory gave its report. Classis dealt with the matter in executive session. 

A word of appreciation was expressed to the ladies of our Holland Church for their catering services. Classis also accepted the invitation of Hope Church to meet there the first Wednesday in January. After the chairman expressed his appreciation to the committee of pre-advice for their service, and to the classis for its cooperation, classis adjourned. Prof. H. C. Hoeksema offered the closing prayer. 

M. Schipper, Stated Clerk 

* * * 

The Holiday Singspiration sponsored by the Beacon Lights Staff was held in First Church, Grand Rapids, Dec. 11 after the evening service. Don Jonker opened the program with prayer and then turned the meeting over to Jim Schipper to lead the people in singing. Special numbers were: a duet by Mr. and Mrs. C. Jonker, with daughter Marilyn at the piano; a trumpet duet by Don Knoper and son, John, with daughter Donna at the piano. The audience joined in singing appropriate Psalter numbers and Christmas carols, and contributed to the needs of Beacon Lights with an offering. 

* * * 

Holland bade farewell to Rev. G. Lanting and family in a public gathering Friday evening, Dec. 2. Elder T. Elzinga led in opening devotions. Representatives of the societies — Wilma Haveman of the Young People’s, Mrs. Van Kampen of the Ladies, J. H. Kortering of the Men’s, each gave a word of farewell to their departing pastor and Elder S. DeVries did so for the consistory. The musical part of the program included a quartet, a trio, and a flute solo. Mr. B. Windemuller made the presentation of remembrance to their pastor of seven years. The program ended with the poignant hymn, “God be with you till we meet again.” Time was then given for the enjoyment of refreshments, and the tendering of personal farewells. 

* * * 

The “Studies in Biblical Doctrines” as prepared by Rev. B. Woudenberg of Lynden, Wash., is finding its way to mail boxes in widely scattered sections; from the southern states of Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee to the wintry north Province of British Columbia in Canada. A British Columbia reader writes, “My name has been sent in by a dear Christian friend. I must say that I am glad as I certainly do enjoy your Bible Studies. Thank you so much for sending them to me…” Indeed, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed . ..”

* * * 

Hudsonville’s consistory has decided to alternate the preaching schedule so that the Heidleberg Catechism will be preached every other Sunday evening. 

* * * 

When you look back in ’66 and then turn to peer into ’67 remember that the Exalted Jesus, the Bright and Morning Star said, “Behold I come-quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” Rev. 22:12.

. . . see you in church