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The Hope Protestant Reformed Christian School rendered an excellent Easter Program in the auditorium of First Church on the evening of April 11. The program consisted of selections from Scripture and songs chosen for the support of the theme which was, “Rejoice, for the Lamb Reigneth.” The entire program was produced by the Principal, Miss A. Lubbers, and was one of their finest renditions. The choir music was faultlessly rendered and the narration was plain and clearly understood. The evening drew to a moving finale with the choir singing, “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ, and He shall reign forever,” from Handel’s “Messiah.” Mrs. C. Lubbers, at a rented organ, played the prelude, the processional, the recessional and the postlude. Prof. H. Hanko led in the opening devotions and Rev. Lubbers led in closing prayer.

“Seminary Day” was held Tuesday, April 16, the second of such annual events in the history of our Theological School. Representatives from the Theological School Committee, the area ministers and prospective students received a special invitation to attend this morning session. Student Moore preached a sermon which was then academically criticized by Rev. Kortering of the School Committee, and by both of the professors. Three of the area ministers and nine interested young men were in attendance. After recess Prof. Hoeksema lectured on Old Testament History, specifically that which is recorded in Lev. 10; and Prof. Hanko held his New Testament “Isogogics” class. The young men were invited to visit often, and to try to schedule their college classes to include time to share with our student a course of their choice. Rev. Lubbers, president of the Committee, made a few closing remarks and led in prayer, bringing to an end a very pleasurable and inspiring session of school. It is to be hoped that the interest of those interested nine young men will increase and continue until they will also be ready to demonstrate a “practice preaching” sermon to other visitors.

From Mrs. John Hoekstra, member of Hull’s Ladies’ Society, we received this report of the meeting of the Western Ladies’ League held in Hull April 15. Rev. G. Lanting, of Edgerton, Minn. was the scheduled speaker and his topic was, “Guiding Our Youth,” answering the questions, “In What?, By Whom? and, How?” The speaker emphasized the, calling of covenant parents to be that of leading, guiding, disciplining, and instructing their youth in the upright way. This duty he found placed upon them when they made their baptismal vows. He said that the youth must be led to the point that they ask the question, “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed thereto according to thy word,” Ps. 119:9. The speaker also stressed the importance of covenant youth receiving catechetical education and their faithful attendance at Church Services. Rev. Lanting delineated the Word of God to be the only principal guide for covenant parents and their youth. Special numbers were presented by the societies of Doon, Edgerton and Hull. The Reformed Witness Hour was the recipient of the offering taken. After the meeting the ladies enjoyed an hour of fellowship while refreshments were served by the host society.

Lynden’s Radio Station KLYN presented a series of Passion Week Meditations Monday through Thursday. Rev. B. Woudenberg was in charge of the Wednesday program.

Redlands’ Sunday School presented a special program on Resurrection Day. Mr. T. Feenstra led in the opening devotions and taught the story to the children. A quartet sang, the children sang two numbers, and the Misses Shirley Gritters and Donna Van Uffelen gave a piano-organ duet. Their pastor, Rev. Hanko, made some closing remarks and led in the prayer of thanksgiving.

Loveland’s Young People’s Society sponsored a Hymn sing April 14 and took an offering towards the purchase of new pews for their church. In an April 7 announcement the consistory, in behalf of the congregation, thanked the Ladies Circle for the gift of three tables for the church.

The April Beacon Lights Hymn sing was held in Hope Church April 21 with Harry Langerak leading the spirited singing. Lois Engelsma was at the piano and Mrs. Gerald Kuiper was at the organ. Young Bruce Lubbers rendered a saxophone solo featuring some very intricate fingering of the keys of his instrument, with his mother accompanying him on the piano. Arnold Dykstra sang two solos, again with the result that his listener’s thoughts reached out to the “timeless” time when we shall all sing with perfection the praises of our God. Jim Lanting led in the opening prayer and Rev. Kortering closed the hymn sing with thanksgiving. The theme of the evening was the death and resurrection of Christ as predicted in the Psalms and rejoiced over in many hymns. 

. . .See you in church.