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The call to Edgerton has been declined by the Rev. G. Lanting, pastor of Holland. At this writing, Hudsonville had not received a decision on its call to the Rev. J. Kortering, who had requested a week’s extension. The Rev. R.C. Harbach’s decision on the call to Randolph, Wisconsin was negative.

The Radio Committee has scheduled Rev. H. Veldman, of Grand Rapids, to be at the Reformed Witness Hour microphone in the month of February. The topic for February is, “Preservation and Perseverance,” and will be treated in a series of four sermons specially prepared for radio broadcasting. This month’s broadcasts will inaugurate a new system of radio preaching and is expected to be a pattern of radio work specifically designed to fit in with our Mission Program adopted by the ’65 Synod. The Mission Board’s recommendations adopted then are in part, “We should have a certain goal in mind. . . . to emphasize in unmistakable terms the message we. . . .have and proclaim in distinction from and over against all other churches and their messages. . . .Have the radio committee adopt various general and pertinent subjects to be treated in the broadcasts, and assign preachers to deal systematically and pertinently with such subjects.” This newly adopted plan of action also includes a change in advertising our radio work and its specific message amidst the present-day Babel of radio voices.

Rev. C. Hanko, of Redlands, Calif., has been scheduled to lecture in our church in Hull, Iowa, Jan. 10. The program was sponsored by the Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed School Society. The subject of the lecture was, “The Need for Our Own School.” This assignment was possible because Rev. Hanko’s attendance at a committee meeting in the area.

Oak Lawn’s Tuesday evening catechism class is beginning a comparative study of the Belgic Confessions and the Westminster Confession.

Rev. and Mrs. Vos vacated Hudsonville’s parsonage Jan. 12, moving across the street to their retirement home. This will give the Building Committee opportunity to give the parsonage the usual between tenants redecorating. The Jan. 16th bulletin carried a “hearty thanks” from Rev. and Mrs. Vos for “the wonderful assistance” given by their people in that move.

Did you attend the Mission Board’s sponsored lecture at First Church in Grand Rapids Jan. 27? This was the first of a planned series; the subject: “The Divine Foundation: The Infallible Scriptures.” The series of lectures is being sponsored by a committee appointed by the Mission Board and is adapted to serve as a follow-up of the Reformation Day Rally held in the city’s Civic Auditorium. The Board’s object is to reach a broad audience from our Reformed community not yet acquainted with the distinctive Reformed character of our Protestant Reformed theology. Plan to attend the entire series and invite your friends from other churches to share these truths with you.

Two families, including six children, were received into the fellowship of our denomination by Redlands accepting them into their membership as announced in the Dec. 26 bulletin. And, in addition to those listed last time, Redlands’ congregation witnessed the installation of their newly elected office bearers on Sunday morning, Jan. 2. Rev. Hanko’s sermon was based on I Peter. 5:1-4, under the theme, “The Calling to Feed the Flock.”

Almost all of our bulletins now carry denominational news, especially that of trios, calls, etc., and those results—much sooner than you can find them on this page!

The Protestant Reformed High School Circle scheduled a Jan. 24 meeting at Southwest Church. Miss Agatha Lubbers was to speak on, “Toward a Protestant Reformed Philosophy of Education.”

Did you enjoy the picture and story of Forbes’s new church edifice in our Nov. 15 issue? We come to you—pastors and/or clerks of all our churches: Will you please send the editor of this page a good black-and-white snapshot of your church, and a short history thereof? We would especially appreciate this pictorial information from you who have recently built or bought new property. Your pictures will be published in the order that they arrive at this desk. Our denomination is so small that it is more like a family, so let your brethren and sisters learn more about you so that we may share your joys and thereby experience in a small measure the communion of saints. Can we count on you?

A coincidence noted in Doon’s Jan. 2 bulletin: Rev. Decker, like Rev. Hanko in Redlands, also chose Peter 5:2-4 for his Installation of Office Bearer’s sermon on Sunday morning. 

. . .see you in church.