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Isabel, South Dakota has called Rev. J. Kortering from a trio which included the Revs. Engelsma and Schipper. 

Rev. Kortering has declined the call that came to him from Hudsonville.

The first of a series of lectures sponsored by our Mission Board was given the evening of Jan. 27. “What an evening!” That exclamation was heard from many lips, and it had a double meaning. First, the evening was the coldest of the winter. Radio weather news sounded warnings concerning bad driving conditions, for blizzard weather was the order of the day. Belowzero temperatures and poor visibility were factors worth considering by those who had the best of intentions of attending the lecture. The committee responsible for the evening’s arrangements weighed the suggestion to cancel the meeting, as many other meetings were. But the “What an evening!” developed into its second meaning before it was time to go home. The lecturer was Prof. H.C. Hoeksema and his topic was, “The Divine Foundation: The Infallible Scriptures.” Music was furnished by a ladies’ trio from Southeast church and by the Hope Heralds, a men’s group from Hope Church. Miss Mary Kregel, of First Church, was at the pipe organ for the prelude, offertory and postlude. Rev. M. Schipper was chairman and led in opening devotions and introduced the speaker. The quoted expression extolling the evening arose because of the content of the lecture which, in unequivocal terms, acclaimed the Bible to be the inerrant, “Spirit-Breathed” Word of God. The hardy souls who braved the wintry blasts sat in spell-bound silence, feeling affinity with the speaker as he reminded them that this confession is not to be proved by logic to the worldling, but can only be said by faith. This affinity-in-the-faith was in one instance revealed when a listener, way back in the church, said in loud, clear tones, “Amen,” when the speaker held up his Bible, saying, “This is the Word of God.” When we, the audience, had left the cars in the parking lot, we felt a glow of self-satisfaction for having come out in such bad weather; but when we went back to our cars, the glow had changed to the satisfaction of one who had enjoyed a good meal—and indeed we had. What an evening!

The second in the lecture series sponsored by the Mission Board will be held, D.V. March 3 at First Church. At that time Prof. H.C. Hoeksema expects to undertake a study of the truth embodied in the first three chapters of Genesis. The Mission Board would appreciate it if you would tell your friends and neighbors about this event. Can they count on you?

A “grocery shower” was held in First Church for the benefit of our Seminary students. Approximately 600 packages and cans of food were collected, plus a nice sum of money. Both students, via the bulletin, thanked the congregation for its thoughtfulness and the bond of fellowship shown through this gesture.

Rev. VanBaren has completed his portion (about 100 visits) of the annual family visitation, and has expressed his “appreciation to the congregation for very considerately observing the schedules which were prepared.” This will give him some extra time which he will also devote to his work of ministering to his new charge. He has already learned that his work is in the category of a village volunteer fireman—on 24 hour call.

South Holland’s new clerk is Mr. J. Flikkema, 2339 184th St. Lansing, Illinois; and the address of the treasurer is Mr. Gil. F. Van Baren, 15921 Parkside Ave., South Holland, Ill.

From the Adams St. School “Announcer” we learn that the Mothers’ Club presented the school with a new console piano for the assembly room.

Oak Lawn’s Ladies’ Circle, with the co-operation of the Young People’s Society who relinquished their building, sponsored a Singspiration Sunday Evening, Jan. 30 at 7 o’clock. The ladies invited the congregation to join them in an hour of song and praise designed to glorify our Creator and Redeemer. The bulletin notice referred to the text, “Sing to the Lord, sing His praise all ye people.”

Oak Lawn’s Young People’s Society gave an advance notice in the Jan. 30th bulletin regarding a special meeting to which they were inviting all the adult members of the congregation February 27. The only explanation of the meeting was that it would be “a Sunday evening of fellowship in the Word of God.”

South Holland’s Men’s Society, in an after recess program, recently heard a paper on, “What is the relation between employer and employee according to Scripture?”

Bulletin Quote—Oak Lawn’s: “We are a procrastinating lot. It is always what we are going to do tomorrow that entices us, but it is only what we do today that counts.” 

. . . . see you in church.