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Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, declined the call from Hudsonville. 

Hudsonville has now called Rev. J.A. Heys from a trio which included the Revs. M. Schipper and H. Veldman.

Edgerton, Minn. has tendered a call to Rev. D. Engelsma of Loveland, Colo. 

Randolph, Wis. has announced their newest trio: Revs. D. Engelsma, G. Lanting and H. Veldman.

Prof. H.C. Hoeksema will begin a series of Lenten sermons in March. The topics: March 6—”Christ’s Bruising and God’s Good Pleasure;” March 13—”Responsibility at the Cross.”

Jamaican News. According to Synod’s decision, work has begun on the plan of conducting correspondence courses with the ministers (and their consistory members) of the Protestant Reformed Churches of Jamaica. Rev. J.A. Heys, of our South Holland Church, is busy preparing and developing this course, using printed lessons augmented by tapes containing special instructions to the students taking the course. The Introductory Lesson found its way to our desk and we share some of it with you. In it Rev. Heys explains the purpose and the goal of the course, and gives some definite instructions to his scholars as to their preparations for the course. With each lesson an assignment of written work is given. The tape that accompanied the first lesson began with a prayer for God’s blessing upon this new venture, followed by an expression of Christian greeting from our P.R. Churches. Then a friendly talk explaining the system which will be followed. The Purpose is to be that of assistance to the P.R. ministers in Jamaica in their ministry; to share with them the truth of Reformed faith along the strict Scriptural lines as drawn up in The Three Forms of Unity. The Goal is the study of the development of the church of God in the Old Testament period; and the development of the five basic truths of Scripture as formulated in the Five Points of Calvinism—the embodiment of the Reformed faith. The tapes to be returned will carry questions from the students regarding their studies which are not clear to them. With words of encouragement to his far-off students Rev. Heys closed his first taped session with thanksgiving to God for this opportunity to share our precious heritage with His children in the Island of Jamaica. To date five lessons have been prepared, the first of which is already furrowing the foreheads of the solemn students starving for Scripture study. It would be interesting to hear directly from the Jamaicans as to their reaction to this study course.

The Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed School Society met in Doon’s church Feb. 4 to discuss proposals of the Board regarding property and building.

Holland’s Ladies Society met in the home of one of their shut-in members, Mrs. N. Jonker, of Muskegon, the week of Feb. 6, in observance of her 89th birthday anniversary Feb. 12.

Loveland’s congregation has agreed to the consistory’s proposal to add to their weekly budget another envelope containing 50¢ per week per family for a Building Fund.

South Holland is using a new bulletin cover incorporating a drawing of their new church by Mr. C. Nymeyer. They expect to occupy the new building in May. Installation of pews and yard work must be completed before the dedication date.

Rev. B. Woudenberg, of Lynden, Wash. is firmly embarked on his new project of holding weekly evening study classes in his church. These sessions are devoted to a study of Biblical doctrines, and are open to the public. Recordings of the meetings are taped, and are available to those who are interested in this study but who are unable to attend the classes. This is a free service offered by Lynden’s consistory. They announce that, “the program outlined in this first Introduction is designed. . .to guide those who wish to develop in the knowledge of the Word of God in an orderly study of Christian doctrine.” Lynden, we wish you “Godspeed!”

We lift from Southeast’s Feb. 13 bulletin the following paragraph: “The Reformation Day Rally speech will soon be off the press. It may interest you to know that we have received requests for copies from as far south as Bethany, Okla., and as far north as Manistee, Mich. If you wish a copy, send your name to Rev. Schipper. It will be reserved for you.” We do not doubt that Rev. Schipper will also honor requests from our readers; ask him!

A Quote from Oak Lawn’s bulletin, which is in turn aquote from Doon’s Church Directory: “One of the strongest indications of the spiritual vitality of the members of the church is how well the various societies are attended. Well attended societies that have lively discussions of the Word of God indicate that that church is full of living members.” 

. . .see you in church.