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The third, and final, lecture of the current series sponsored by our Mission Committee was held in First Church March 31. Prof. H.C. Hoeksema spoke to a capacity audience on, “Genesis and Science.” His was the Biblical approach: Genesis is the infallible record of the revelation of God concerning the beginning of all things. The speaker defined Science to be a formal knowledge of laws and facts that have been demonstrated, and limited to the study of present things and processes, and those of the historic past; and posited that true knowledge is always knowledge of God; hence: true science is concerned with that knowledge, and must end there. 

The professor described the relation between Genesis and Science, negatively: that the data compiled by the scientist cannot serve to explain the record in Scripture; that the two do .not stand side by side so that one must read both at once to understand God’s revelation; but, positively: that a Christian begins and ends on the basis of the absolute authority of Scripture—not that the Bible is a science text book, but that on the origin and destiny of all things the Bible speaks inerrantly. 

The speaker asserted that the Scriptural record presents a full-grown creation with an appearance of age: plants before the seed, the chicken before the egg, and the first man before babyhood. He warned against the speculative conclusions of the unbelieving scientist who reads God’s revelation of Himself in the Book of Creation, but who rules the Creator our of His Own Book, and therefore teaches the lie. The attentive throng filling that huge auditorium was admonished by the Word of God found in Rom. 1:19, 20 that to follow the teachings of the modern day educator in the field of science will leave one without excuse in the Day of Judgment: one should have seen the Creator’s Eternal Power and Godhead—and worshipped! 

Music was furnished by Mrs. C. Lubbers at the organ, and by the choir from our Adams St. School under the direction of Mr. Roland Petersen. The evening ended with the hearty singing of the Doxology, “Praise God from whom all blessings flow,” and what a glorious soul-filling sound it is when some 1200 voices blend in one grand pean of praise of our God, from Whom and unto Whom are all things!

Jamaican News from a letter over the signature of Mrs. Gwendolyn Ritchie: “The congregation of First Hill, Lucea, Jamaica is wonderfully glad to hear of the recovery of Mrs. C. Hanko and continues to pray for her. The congregation of Mt. Salem (in Montego Bay) and Latium and those of Westmoreland and First Hill received the clothing from Rev. Hanko’s congregation and are very thankful. The donation sent by Mr. Harry Zwak to the Sunday School of First Hill is also greatly appreciated; this Sunday School is under the charge of Mrs. Ritchie. Special prayers are offered for Rev. Heys who took it upon him to recommend the congregations in Jamaica in their needs to the congregations of the Protestant Reformed Churches of America.”

The Church Extension Committee of South Holland’s church plans to ask the Mission Board of our churches to sponsor a lecture in their new church after the manner of the Reformation Day Rally held in Grand Rapids. This committee also announces that they are currently mailing pamphlets to 3,500 families, most of them in the Chicago area, but others go to Lynden, Wash., Ripon, Calif., Canada, Jamaica, and India.

The topics to be aired on the Reformed Witness Hour the next two weeks are, April 17—”Alive Through Death”; April 24—”Constrained by the Love of Christ,” and are based on the Word of God as found in II Cor. 5:14, 15.

Prof. H. Hanko lectured on “Our Calling with Respect to the Ecumenical Movement” on March 25 in Oak Lawn’s church for our people of Oak Lawn and South Holland churches.

The Annual Spring Banquet of the Young People’s Societies is scheduled to be held in the Grandville Jr. High School auditorium the evening of May 10. Prof. Hanko has been secured to speak on “New Morality” as it exists in the colleges and universities today.

The plans for the P.R.Y.P. Convention for 1966 are well underway. Rev. G. Lanting, of Holland, Mich. has been invited to speak at the Mass Meeting to be held on Friday evening. The topic of his speech has been announced to be, “Seeds of Faith.” The general public is invited to attend this meeting.

The April 1st meeting of the Hope School PTA featured a round table discussion by the teachers on “Harmonizing Home and School.”

Holland’s Ladies Society was host to the ladies of Hope Church in their March 29th meeting. The after recess program consisted of the enjoyment of the film of the work of Rev. Heys and Mr. Zwak on their last visit to Jamaica.

The children of Hope School have reserved the auditorium of First Church in which to render an all school program on April 7. The theme will be “God’s Unbreakable Chain,” based on Rom. 8:28-30.

. . . . see you in church.