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Candidate Michael DeVries has accepted his call from our Southwest Church. All of the June graduates of our Seminary have now received and accepted calls to serve in our churches. Candidate Flikkema accepted his call to serve as pastor of our church in Isabel, South Dakota. Candidate Bruinsma accepted the call from our Faith congregation in Jenison, Michigan. 

Rev. and Mrs. John Heys have received their visas from the New Zealand government. They plan to leave on October 13 for Christchurch, New Zealand, and the Orthodox Presbyterian Church there. Rev. Heys plans to labor in New Zealand for about eight months, continuing in the work begun by Rev. Van Overloop. This work is undertaken at the request of the Contact Committee of our Synod and the Christchurch Session (consistory). Until further word is sent from New Zealand, mail for Rev. and Mrs. Heys can be sent in care of Mr. A. W. Young, 12 Barrowclough St., Christchurch 2, New Zealand. Air mail costs 31 and arrives in about 12 days. Surface mail takes at least a month. 

Rev. Heys’ congregation in Holland, Michigan, will make no small sacrifice in “loaning” their pastor for an extended period. Rev. G. Lubbers has agreed to teach Saturday catechism classes and Rev. C. Hanko the evening classes. Pulpit supply will come from our Seminary and our neighboring churches during the absence of Rev. Heys. 

Bulletin announcements for our Holland Church should be sent to the clerk: Mr. Terry Elzinga, 10335 Riley St., Zeeland, Michigan 49464. 

Our Holland Church scheduled a special program on Wednesday evening, October 4. Rev: VanOverloop reported on his work in New Zealand with slides and narration, in order that the Holland congregation might “know a bit about the work that their pastor will be doing there.” This was planned not only as an informative meeting for the congregation but also a farewell gathering with a view to Rev. and Mrs. Heys’ departure the following week. 

Rev. and Mrs. Veldman planned to leave for Skowhegen, Maine, on October 4 for an extended period of time. They plan to labor with a small group there which is interested in the truth as taught in the Protestant Reformed Churches. 

The Fall Mass Meeting of the Eastern Men’s and Ladies’ League was scheduled for October 10 at Southwest Church. Rev. C. Hanko was to speak on “God’s Providence in 1953 and Our Calling to Instruct Our Children.” 

The annual Reformation Day lecture sponsored by our Michigan area churches was scheduled for October 19. Rev. B. Woudenberg, pastor of our church in Kalamazoo, Michigan was to speak on “Is the Reformation Being Maintained?” At this writing, the location of the meeting was “under wraps.” Perhaps it will be held in the new Southwest Church building. You will probably notice that many of the special church meetings in the Grand Rapids area will be scheduled at Southwest in order that our people in this area may see the new building. 

The P.T.A. of Hope School and the P.T.F.A. of Covenant High School had interesting programs planned. Rev. C. Hanko was to speak for Hope on “Motivation In the Home” on October 19. Prof. Decker was to speak on “The Biblical Concept of Discipline” for Covenant on October 27. 

Rev. R. Miersma, pastor of our church in Pella, Iowa, had surgery performed on his shoulder in early September. He fell and dislocated his shoulder in an accident which occurred in South Holland, Illinois. 

Our church in Lynden, Washington is among those of our churches which vary the time of the Sunday worship services with the seasons of the year. Lynden schedules worship services at 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. October through April, and 10 A.M. and 8 P.M. May through September. 

The arrival of a bulletin from Lynden was a kind of special event. It is the first bulletin or any kind of news from that congregation in over three years. The bulletin did not arrive directly, however, but through the good offices of the California correspondent for this column. Nor have bulletins arrived from Doon or Kalamazoo during the tenure of the present News editor. This is a column for ALL of our churches. How about it Doon, Kalamazoo, and Lynden?