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Rev. Vanden Berg, of our Oak Lawn Church, was injured April 17 when his car overturned while on his way to Randolph, Wis. where he was to fill a Classical appointment. He suffered a dislocated hip, a broken shoulder and head lacerations. He was hospitalized in Fon du Lac Wis. and was released after one week. He is now at home, but immobilized because of a body cast from the chest down to the knee of one leg and down the whole length of the other leg. This cast must remain in place for six weeks, then to be replaced with a walking cast. At this writing his pain has subsided, and he is as comfortable as can be under those circumstances.

Rev. and Mrs. Lubbers and Mr. and Mrs. Meulenberg are in Jamaica, having left the Grand Rapids airport Tuesday morning, April 8, at 8:30 and landing in Montego Bay at 4:30 in the afternoon. They received a warm send-off by the Mission Committee and many friends and relatives, meeting in one of the conference rooms at the airport for prayer and personal well-wishing. They were not met at the Montego Bay airport because they arrived some hours before their letter of information did. But they were enthusiastically welcomed at the church at Lucea the next Sunday morning with a song of greeting by the whole congregation. Elder Meulenberg wrote: “When we consider how limited our efforts have been in Jamaica, then looking back to 1963, they have advanced wondrously, and by God’s Grace stand firmly in the truth even as they grow in grace and knowledge.”

Friday evening, April 25, was an important date in history for our Southeast Church in Grand Rapids. All societies and the Sunday School cooperated in rendering a program to commemorate the retirement of the mortgage on their church property. A social hour followed with refreshments served in the church parlors.

Rev. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, occupied the pulpit of Hull, Iowa Sunday April 20 when the sacrament of Holy Communion was celebrated. A congregational meeting was scheduled for April 21 when the members were called to name a minister-elect from a trio which included the Revs. Decker, Engelsma and Woudenberg.

Hope’s pastor, Rev. Kortering, is at present considering a call extended him by our congregation in South Holland, IL.

The Western Ladies’ League met on the afternoon of April 10 in Doon’s Church. Rev. Lanting, of Edgerton, Minn. addressed the League, speaking on, “The New Heavens and the New Earth.” This subject is growing dearer to God’s people in these days when the old earth is becoming increasingly more corrupt until it seems that its measure of iniquity is full enough to bring it to the brink of destruction.

The congregation of First Church met Friday evening, April 18, to dedicate the new organ and re-dedicate the remodeled auditorium to the service of our faithful Covenant God. The three church organists and the Reformed Witness Hour organist rendered beautiful organ music in such varied styles as to demonstrate the versatility of the new instrument. Mr. R. Petersen, of the Music Committee, described the organ as to its component voices separately and in conjunction with one another. Mr. T. Newhof, Jr., of the Building Committee related some of their experiences in the huge task of remodeling the auditorium and the kitchen, and happily announced that it was done at less than the estimated cost. Rev. Van Baren read a liturgy of dedication and offered the dedicatory prayer. After the program the people were invited to inspect the consistory room and the kitchen, and to be served refreshments by the young people.

Southwest’s congregation is enjoying their public address system and its two outlets in the consistory room and the cloak room where a mother may take her crying baby and can still hear the sermon.

The Hope Mr. and Mrs. Society met in First Church April 15 in a combined meeting, and the after-recess program featured Prof. Hanko speaking on, “Extrasensory Perception.”

Isabel’s small congregation rejoiced April 20 in the public confession of faith made by two of their members; this makes a 12% increase of their communicant membership listing in the Year Book!

The League of Mr. and Mrs. Societies scheduled their Spring Meeting for May 2 in Hope Church. Dr. D. Monsma was secured to speak on a subject being discussed in State Legislatures, in politician’s conference rooms, and rather fearfully in our circles—”Federal Aid to Schools.” It is generally conceded that it is advisable to inspect the anchorage of the far end of the string which is attached to this gift from Uncle Sam.

Rev. Engelsma, of Loveland, lectured in Forbes in March and was privileged to preside at a consistory meeting, and to preach the sermon when two of their young people made confession of their faith. So we of larger congregations share with Isabel and Forbes the joy experienced when “souls are added to the church.” 

. . . see you in church,