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During the two weeks preceding the publication deadline for this issue, both Classis East and West met. Classis East met in special session to examine ministerial candidates Bruinsma and DeVries. Our churches rejoice in the fact that God has again given us servants of His Word in the successful examination of these two men. Faith and Southwest Churches were advised to proceed with the ordination of their new pastors. Classis West met in regular session (which was postponed since early September). The highlight of that meeting was the successful examination of Candidate Flikkema. It was the expectation of some (the news editor at least) that this column would be filled with the official reports of these sessions. Next time perhaps? 

Candidate Richard Flikkema’s installation as the new pastor of our church in Isabel, South Dakota was scheduled for Thursday evening, October 26.

The ordination of Candidate Michael DeVries was scheduled for Tuesday evening, October 31. Rev. Ronald Van Overloop was to officiate and preach the sermon. Refreshments were to be served after the service. The Southwest congregation scheduled a welcome reception for their new pastor and his wife on Friday evening, November 3. 

Faith Church installed their new minister, Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, on October 25. Professor Robert Decker preached the sermon and Rev. Meindert Joostens, the first pastor of the five year old congregation, read the form for ordination. A congregational welcome program for the Bruinsma family was held on Monday evening, October 30.

Faith Church plans to begin use of their new sanctuary in late November. The new building is located at 7174 20th Ave. in Jenison, Michigan. 

With the ordination and installation of the three June graduates of our Seminary, there exists but one of our churches without a pastor. Southeast’s most recent call to Rev. Van Overloop was declined. 

The following note from our Home Missionary, Rev. Robert Harbach, appeared in the Hope Church Bulletin. “The Victoria (Vancouver Island) mission continues, and now with a new radio broadcast out of KARI, Blaine, Washington, on Saturday mornings from 10:45-11:00 under the name of ‘Bible Truth Meditations.’ We thank all those who sent us cards and remembrances which arrived right on our 35th wedding anniversary! It was also 33 years ago that I was ordained to the ministry of the Word in the Reformed Episcopal Church. We have been Protestant Reformed now for 28 years, being 23 years on the Protestant Reformed ministry.” 

At the request of the Mission Committee, Rev. B. Woudenberg and Mr. C. Prince spent about ten days in Jamaica visiting the churches with whom we have been working for about 15 years. This visit took place in late September and early October. The emissaries worked towards the securing of properties for the churches, attended a Classis meeting of the Jamaican churches, worked further to arrange an instruction program and investigated other matters, The emissaries reported a successful trip. 

The Michigan area Mr. and Mrs. Societies scheduled their Fall League Meeting for Tuesday, November 7 at the new Southwest Church. Rev. Woudenberg was to speak on the topic of “Foreign Mission.” 

Rev. Woudenberg also spoke at the annual Reformation Day lecture in First Church. His topic was “Is the Reformation Being Maintained?” A tape cassette recording of this lecture is available. Send your request with $2 to cover the cost of the tape and mailing to the news editor. 

Those of us in the United States are looking forward to our annual Thanksgiving Day celebration on November 23. Our sister congregation in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, celebrated their national Thanksgiving Day with an evening worship service on Monday, October 9. 

Among the many other special meetings and regular activities which are again scheduled in our churches with the coming of the fall, season are Choral Societies in our churches in Loveland, Colorado, and Hudsonville, Michigan. 

A ‘Thought for Contemplation’ from John Calvin printed in our South Holland Church Bulletin: “Christ does not exercise dominion in the Church like a formidable tyrant who keeps down His subjects through terror, but He is a Shepherd, and treats His sheep with all the gentleness which they can desire.”