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Jamaican News. In a letter dated May 3 we learn that Rev. Lubbers had preached at five Sunday services and conducted seven mid-week services, entailing some 600 miles of Jamaican left-side-of-the-road driving. Our emissaries were there at the end of the drought season and experienced some torrential rains—one of those storms prevented them reaching Rev. Frame’s church one Sunday. The travel involved in their work and the inconveniences appended thereto press them to say, “But the reward is so great when we see how gladly they receive the Word!” By the time you read this they will have come back to the States, and the Mission Committee will be ready to give a full account of their labors in their behalf.

The Sunday School children of our Southwest Church in Grand Rapids are happy to know that their collections for the balance of the season will be for the benefit of the children in the Prot. Ref. Churches in Jamaica. This is a splendid gesture of children helping to supply the needs of other children in a real, tangible way!

On the festive occasion of a “burning of the mortage” evening program, Southeast’s congregation presented Rev. and Mrs. Schipper with a new refrigerator as a testimonial of their appreciation his unselfish labors among them.

In a May 4 bulletin of one of our churches attention was called to the financial plight of our Standard Bearer; that only one half of the $12,000.00 cost of printing is covered by subscriptions and that the other half must be raised by free-will offerings. The congregation responded that evening with a generous offering which takes care of almost 8% of the needed subsidy. 92% to go!

Redlands’ Sunday School rendered an Easter Program and invited the Young People’s Society, the Choral Society and a Men’s Quartet to take part. An added commemorative feature was a poem by Mrs. J. Ekema and read by Miss Jana Gaastra, entitled, “Tis Resurrection Day!”

Quiet Thought, found in Southeast’s bulletin: “Some people flee from temptation, then wait around the corner for it to catch up with them.”

The April 27 bulletin of Hudsonville reminded the people of the birthday anniversary that week of their oldest member, Mr. C. Woodwyk—age 96! What a tremendous development in the manifestation of The Man of Sin this aged brother has seen!

A sign of progress was noted in Loveland’s bulletin as follows: “On Friday, May 2, there will be a special program in the church basement at 8 P.M. The subject, “The necessity of enlarging our school” will be introduced by Rev. Engelsma, after which there will be an open discussion. All adults and young people interested in this important subject are invited to attend. Refreshments will be served immediately afterwards by the Ladies’ Circle.” The “enlarging of our school” cannot mean that of a building (for the school is housed in the church), but can only mean adding a grade or more to their present six grade enrollment. To this observer this program is a sure indication of the Grace of God activating this small congregation in their consciousness of their calling to instruct their children according to the vow at baptism.

The only news we have to date (May 14) concerning the possible change in Manse occupancy is that Rev. Engelsma has a call from Hull, Iowa; that Pella, Iowa has extended a call to Rev. Lanting; and, that Rev. Kortering did not accept the invitation he had received from South Holland, Ill.

An arresting paragraph found in Lynden’s May 4 bulletin: “We have received a request to supply at least 25,000 copies of a 16 page booklet of our “Studies in Biblical Doctrine” for use in the churches of Indonesia, well over half of which are of Dutch Reformed background. If we can raise about $600.00 to pay for the printing of these we do hope to go ahead in supplying this request.” And we might add this observation: If this gives you people who read this an idea—you may send your contribution to: “Studies in Biblical Doctrine; 8541 Depot Road, Lynden, Wash. 98264.”

We just received additional detailed information regarding the content of the above paragraph, and herewith pass it on to you: “One of the fastest growing portions of the Christian Church is in the country of Indonesia. In the past two years over 2% million Moslems have been converted to Christianity, and there is a great need for study material so that they may grow in the knowledge of their faith. We have been asked to supply them with a series of 16 of our studies, and we would like very much to do this if we can find the financial means. By having these studies translated and printed in Indonesia 25,000 of these can be supplied for less than $600.00.” Now you can see how our little congregation in Lynden can be of spiritual help to those converted Moslems in that far-off land on the other side of the globe.

“Heathen land and hostile peoples soon shall come the Lord to know; Nations born again in Zion shall the Lord’s salvation show” Psalter No. 238. 

. . . see you in church