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August 14, 1969

South Holland received notice that Rev. C. Hanko declined the call they had extended him; Rev. Engelsma also decided against accepting Pella’s bid to come over to help them.

Expressing a need for much volunteer help, a notice in Loveland’s bulletin was a plea for typewriters (machine and human) to prepare some 1000 address labels, and to fold and stamp the pamphlets that the church extension committee was to mail for distribution in the city of Loveland. What is the subject of that pamphlet? “The Christian School—why?”

Excerpt from the Principal’s Report in a Newsletter from our Covenant Chr. High School:

“Several new courses will be added to the curriculum next year. They include physics, shorthand, electronics, advanced composition, medieval church history, English literature, economics, government, modem world history, and an additional semester of world geography. The teachers and I are busy on these courses. Mrs. A. Quenga is learning shorthand and gathering material for the composition course. Miss Lubbers is busy researching medieval church history and English literature. Mr. Langerak is evaluating text books and seeking advice from experts in the field of social studies. I am working on equipment and notes for the electronics course.” From that description one would conclude that Mrs. Quenga is hoping to keep a squiggle ahead of her pupils as her fellow staff members keep a step ahead!

Young People Hold Pre convention Hymn sing In First Church Sunday Evening, Aug. 10! According to remarks heard, this was the best singspiration yet! Kalamazoo’s congregation scheduled their evening service for 6:30 so that some of their people might join the throng in First’s auditorium. Ed Ophoff led the spirited singing. The Kregel sisters played a stirring piano organ duet entitled, “The Heavens are Telling”,—indeed, it was literally breath taking! Mr. Gerald Kuiper sang his own arrangement—a medley of two songs, “My Heavenly Father Watches Over You”, and, “It Is Well With My Soul,” beautifully rendered in his clear tenor voice so every word might be understood! Miss Patricia Kamps read one of the late Rev. H. Hoeksema’s meditations from a 1943 Standard Bearer on the prayer, “Teach me, O Lord, the way of Thy statutes; and I will keep it to the end.” Ken Kuiper gave a resume of the planned activities awaiting them; trips to the mountains, to Hidden Valley, to the Ocean, to Disneyland; and discussions on Dating, The Generation Gap, Christians in Politics and Christian Witnessing. The songs chosen for the singspiration included, “The Love of God”, “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, “Standing on the Promises”, and several appropriate Psalter numbers. Jim Lanting led in opening devotions and Rev. VanBaren closed the meeting with prayer, after having addressed the “jet set” giving them some wholesome advice concerning their behavior while at the convention. We oldsters only hope that the young folk surpass us in evaluating the spiritual aspect of the convention more highly than the physical.

Our first Jamaica missionary elect felt constrained to decline the call for him to work on that Island. Rev. Heys’ statement was to the effect that he believed it was not the Lord’s will that he accept the post at this time.

Understandably, little trouble was experienced in our Michigan churches during this summer’s vacation time in filling our pulpits with ministers. This was accomplished by multiple trades between Classical appointees and vacationing(?) ministers, and by rearranging the time of services. Understandablybecause of the heartwarming co operation among our clergy revealing the same “love of the saints” as was manifested between the Apostle Paul and his fellow workers.

In a notice found in the newest Kalamazoo’s bulletin we learned for the first time that Rev. C. Hanko has written an officially published tract on, “What Is Truly Reformed.” This is purported to explain briefly what the Reformed faith is. If the purpose of this latest publication is that these be “handed out” then it might be well that our children and young people be the first recipients thereof. In this day of “Reformed” labeling of everything connected with the activities of the churches of the Reformation it is urgently necessary that we and our children be keenly aware of the true character of the Reformed Faith!

Newly arrived at the manse in Loveland, Colo., an infant son born to Rev. and Mrs. Engelsma.Church, a word whose letters suggest a timely motto today:Conscientiously Hold UReformed Church …. see you in church.