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Rev. G. Vanden, Berg declined the call he had received from Hull, Iowa, and Rev. C. Hanko also declined the call he was considering from South Holland, Ill.. Hull has subsequently named a trio consisting of the Revs. C. Hanko and G. Lubbers and Candidate D. Kuiper, and extended the call to Rev. Hanko. 

Candidate Kuiper has received calls from both Isabel and Forbes, our Dakota churches, and is also considering one that has come to him from Randolph, Wis. 

* * * 

The Beacon Lights Singspiration Committee was concerned about the size and enthusiasm of the crowds that came out to their hymnsings and did something about it. They advertised the Pre-convention Singspiration in all the area bulletins extensively and strikingly. Their specific aim was to show the young people that they were supported in the fellowship of the saints as they left for Hull, Iowa, and the people responded with fervor. The “sing” was held in Hope Church Aug. 13 and the church was filled to overflowing. The people overflowed into all the aisles on folding chairs hastily brought up from the basement when the last stragglers arrived from Grand Rapids and Holland. Besides the usual group singing three special numbers were prepared for variety. A male quartette, a saxophone solo rounded out the program in a very pleasing way. The quartette consisted of Bob Velthouse, Don Jonker, Gary Bylsma and Jim Huizenga, accompanied by Mary Kregel. Mary Klop was the violinist and her accompanist was Anita Clason, both of Kalamazoo. The saxophonist was a future (in about five years) conventioneer, a young lad by the name of Bruce Lubbers whose mother accompanied him at the piano. This was the first time a violin and a saxophone were heard at one of these gatherings, and was probably the first time that only two and a half stanzas were sung of a four stanza song. The song director was Gerald Kuiper; Mark Hoeksema opened the meeting, and Rev. Kortering led in the closing prayer committing the covenant young people to our Covenant God. One of the obvious reasons that such a large crowd could come out for this gathering was the fact that the audience included many youngsters in summer vacation who did not have to get up early the next morning to go to school, but it is hoped that future hymnsings may continue to rouse the interest of young and old that they may be as well attended as this Pre-Convention Singspiration of ’67. 

* * * 

The congregation of Hope Church was confronted by the following paragraph in their July 9 bulletin: Do you know why the kingdom of anti-Christ will surely fail? What really constitutes the power of preaching? Why the Reformed Creeds are so easily cast aside in our day? What position does the Reformed Ecumenical Synod take regarding labor unions? How would you criticize the Scofield Bible? What is wrong with young people dancing? Was there a law of God before Sinai? What transpired at the graduation exercises of Candidate D. Kuiper? If you read your latest issue of the Standard Bearer carefully you will find the answers in detail. Let us study to make ourselves approved unto God a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.”


And we ask you readers of the last page of our magazine: Can you answer the above questions whose answers are found on the other pages of the July 1 issue? 

** * 

Redlands’ bulletins reveal that the summer brings many visitors to their services from our other churches. The congregation of Redlands did not have to entertain fears due to riots such as plagued Grand Rapids and many other large cities this summer but they did live through an arson scare—two old churches in the heart of the city went up in smoke and a Catholic school burned up the next day—which led to having a police guard in their church for a week because that building was “suspect”* Their once beautiful neighborhood is rapidly declining and is the major reason for purchasing new church and school property elsewhere. 


Lynden’s July 2 bulletin called for volunteers to assemble the materials just received to make their long awaited banquet tables; the same bulletin carried a “thank you” from a lady in Tuscan, Arizona for the “Studies in Biblical Doctrine” that she finds “very interesting and instructive and a very great help to me”.

* * * 

First Church of Grand Rapids scheduled a special congregational meeting to elect and elder and a deacon to fill the unexpired terms of an elder who resigned and a deacon (Mr. Fred Hanko) who is moving to Doon, Iowa to teach in the new Protestant Reformed Christian School there. 

* * *

Oak Lawn’s Church Extension Committee has recently published and distributed two more pamphlets, “The Reformed Faith and Arminianism” and, “God’s Great Love Toward the World”. 

. . .see you in church.