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In the November 5 bulletin of Southeast Church appeared the following announcement concerning Rev. Schipper: “In the evening service today your pastor will be calling to mind ten years of the ministry of the Word in your midst. On November 4th he preached his inaugural sermons, and on November 1st he was installed by the Rev. C. Hanko, who, on that memorable occasion, preached on Colossians 4:17 —’And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which thou hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it.'”

Our missionary and his wife arrived in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, November 21, the beginning of a short vacation to be spent with family and friends here in the states. They plan to return to their labors in Jamaica soon after the first of the year.

A November bulletin of Loveland’s congregation announced that “the pastor speaks this week on ‘The Triune God’ on our Reformed Witness radio program.” That radio program is one of the current projects of Loveland’s Church Extension Committee. We say oneof the projects. According to a recent report from that committee, it (the committee) has “once again completed a full year of service of spreading God’s holy word abroad by means of pamphlets, a Reformation Day lecture, and the selling of Reformed books published by the Reformed Free Publishing Association.” Further along in that same report we find that, “beginning Sunday, September 24, we are going to sponsor a 15-minute radio program over KLOV. The speeches are to be delivered by Rev. Engelsma. Each speech will be broadcasted two times—once on Sunday at 10:15 A.M., and once on Thursday at 10:15 P.M. on KLOV-FM. It is set up for thirteen weeks.” 

The distribution of pamphlets is an important part of the work of the committee. Pamphlets sent out during the past year, according to the report, included the following titles: “Resurrection of the Saints,” “Final Judgment,” “Our Future Glory,” and “Children, Heritage of the Lord.” To quote a little more from the newsletter, “approximately 550 copies of each are mailed out, most of them locally. We receive these pamphlets from the-Edgerton, Doon, and Hull mission committee. They are printed in Hull in large quantities and are also sent to Pella, Redlands, and First Church in Grand Rapids.” 

For information concerning the printing of those pamphlets we can, conveniently, turn to a November bulletin from Hull. The printing is handled by what is called the Reformed Witness Committee. “This committee,” we read in the bulletin, “is made up of nine members (three from Doon, Edgerton, and Hull churches) with the ministers as advisors. It meets once every other month to conduct the work of witnessing to those in our area. At each meeting, the pamphlet is prepared for mailing. This requires no folding as before, the printer now folds them, only the bundling and addressing.” 

These committees, along with others in our churches, are obviously diligent in what we consider to be the calling of the church with respect to the work of church extension and church reformation. Perhaps we can conclude with these words from the Loveland Church Extension Committee report: “We are thankful to God for these means and we pray that He will continue to use them toward the glory of His name.”

From the Loveland School Ledger we learn that our school there has a total enrollment this year of thirty-five children. Miss Beverly Hoekstra and Miss Barb Zandstra still conduct classes in the church basement; but, according to the October Ledger, plans to change that are progressing well. Land has already been obtained and leveled, and a building fund has been established with a view to the erection of a new school building.

From Mr. Vander Wal we have received a copy of a letter “re: Introductory Offer of the Standard Bearer.” News concerning the success of this introductory offer is interesting all by itself; but this letter is even more so, by virtue of the fact that it comes all the way from Johannesburg. We quote: 

“Greetings from South Africa. Some time ago I received a copy of the Standard Bearer all the way from friends in New Zealand. I liked it very much and would now ask if it is possible for me to accept your introductory offer of ten issues for two dollars. A draft for two dollars is enclosed. 

“In passing I must just add how much I have appreciated the writings of the late Herman Hoeksema. To date I have read his commentary on the Book of Revelation—Behold He Cometh and the first volume of the Triple Knowledge. Real meat indeed. These writings have really been of great encouragement.” 

And, we might add, a letter such as this is of no small encouragement to us.