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The pastor of the Loveland congregation, Rev. Engelsma, has received the call from Doon, Iowa.

The monthly Sunday evening discussion groups of Grand Rapids First Church are still alive. At present, a number of couples and individuals meet in various homes and discuss the sermon of that particular Sunday evening. Sermon outlines are available at the church entrance in the morning. The plan, it would seem, has obvious merits. The outlines, properly used, should enable members of the congregation to come better prepared to listen. And the fact that the sermon will be the topic for later discussion, should provide a little extra motivation for one to give his undivided and tho1ughtful attention to the preaching of the Word. Besides, of course, to engage in a serious discussion of the contents of the sermon is an admirable way to spend a Sunday evening. An interest in this sort of thing does not, of course, come just naturally. It takes conscious effort on the part of the individual Christian. The committee responsible for organizing these meetings, and for encouraging participation therein, deserves a word of commendation.

We learn from Southeast’s bulletin that Mr. Mark Hoeksema devoted a little time during his Christmas season recess from Seminary classes to attend a wedding—his own, it would appear. Miss Ruth Bol has been known since Dec. 22 as Mrs. Mark Hoeksema. Mark, no doubt, spent the rest of the vacation preparing for the exams which followed practically on the heels of Christmas vacation. (Note: Southeast’s bulletin did not put it exactly that way.)

For this next item we’ll quote directly from the bulletin of our congregation in Hull, Iowa. It speaks well for itself. 

“The most recent pamphlet on Postmillenialism is available in the bulletin rack. A hearty thanks to all who assisted in its preparation for mailing. Such a good turn-out is much appreciated. These pamphlets are being prepared by the new combined church extension committee (Hull, Doon, Edgerton). This committee will carry on this work as well as other forms of witness. It is known by the name, The Reformed Witness Committee. In the future, collections will be taken for this cause which is vital to our responsibility in letting the witness of the truth shine to those in our area. This committee also will be working in cooperation with the church extension committees of Pella, Loveland, and perhaps Redlands.”

One short requested announcement, yet. “The treasurer of the Loveland Consistory is now Mr. Milton Alsum, 816 W. Duffield Court, Loveland, Colorado, 80537. Telephone: 667-7842