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We begin this column with a word of sympathy for those of our Grand Rapids area churches who are responsible for typing up bulletins. It’s the time of the year when they must squeeze in all those announcements about school activities and programs, Mr. & Mrs. Society league meetings, Men’s Society and Ladies’ Aid special programs, Young People’s banquets and special activities, programs presented by the various choral groups in the area, etc. etc.! Consider a bulletin of our Hudsonville, Michigan congregation for example: Usually their bulletin consists of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper with a picture of their church and general church related information on one side with the weekly announcements on the other. Not only is Hudsonville’s April 11 bulletin completely full of weekly announcements on the inside, also one-half of the cover side is taken up with announcements, and they even spill over to the picture of their church. Lengthy bulletins are not limited to our Grand Rapids area churches, however. It seems I recall a recent Hull, Iowa bulletin with its 8 1/2 x 14 side full, accompanied by a half sheet as a supplement. A suggestion: when sending bulletin announcements in the spring or fall of the year, help your local bulletin typist by keeping your announcements short and sweet.

Many of our churches are either ending or just beginning another Sunday School season. A First Church (Grand Rapids, Michigan) newsletter from the Sunday School included the following worthwhile food for thought concerning our Sunday School activities: “How about the Sunday School classes? Are they also enjoyable. . . .and stimulating? That depends, no doubt, on whom you talk to. Some students come to Sunday School almost invariably well prepared. They know the verse (or verses) perfectly. They’re able also to relate the proof-text memory work to the lesson—because they took the time to study the lesson. And, having studied (or having been taught) the lesson, they’re ready to participate in, and enjoy, a discussion of the passage being considered. These students, needless to say, are a joy to have in class; and we suspect that they enjoy being there. The old dictum, that one gets out of something what he’s willing to put into it, can well be applied to Sunday School.”

The placing of a new pamphlet rack in the narthex of our South Holland, Illinois church suggests that their Evangelism Committee is concerned about pamphlet distribution; and their recent publication of the new pamphlet, “Evangelism and the Reformed Faith,” by Rev. David Engelsma, is further evidence of that concern. By the way, Standard Bearer readers who are interested in obtaining copies of this pamphlet should send to: The Evangelism Committee, South Holland Protestant Reformed Church, 16511 South Park Avenue, South Holland, Illinois 60473. 

South Holland’s Evangelism Committee is also interested in radio broadcasting. This is evident from the following ad found in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “ANNOUNCING: A NEW RADIO BROADCAST! THE REFORMED PULPIT: proclaiming the historic Reformed and Presbyterian Faith. . .beginning a series of messages on the fundamentals of the Reformed Faith. . .the faith of the Reformation, whose confession was (and is), ‘Scripture only.’ Tune in every Sunday morning at 9:45 AM on WPIT – FM 101. This is a ministry of the Protestant Reformed Church of South Holland, IL. The speaker is Rev. David Engelsma, Pastor of the church.” 

Further information from a newsletter to the South Holland congregation reveals that, “13 messages, running from March 14 through June 6,” will be carried on that station. Why in Pittsburgh? The newsletter informs us that, “. . .these broadcasts have been made possible through the kindness of a lover of the Reformed faith who lives near Pittsburgh, who has offered to underwrite the cost of broadcasting.”

Rev. Kenneth Koole of our Randolph, Wisconsin congregation has accepted the call extended to him from our Redlands, California congregation. A concurrent call that Rev. Koole had from Edmonton was, therefore, necessarily declined.