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For the little space left us after the Classis Report, we’ll pick a few of the highlights from the abundance of church bulletins sent our way during the past couple of weeks, and saved the rest for next time.

News concerning calls is always of special interest. The consistory of our church in Randolph, Wisconsin, announces that it has made a trio consisting of Rev. C. Hanko, Rev. G. Lanting, and Rev. J. Heys. From a trio of Rev. D. Engelsma, Rev. J. Heys, and Rev. H. Veldman, Grand Rapids Hope Church has called Rev. Heys. Rev. G. VanBaren has declined the call extended to him from our Doon, Iowa church. And the congregation of Southwest was, no doubt, happy to learn that Rev. H. Veldman had accepted the call from that church.

Other news which undoubtedly ranks with the best, in the interest column, is that concerning our missionary in Jamaica. Rev. Lubbers writes that, on a recent Sunday, he “preached in Lacovia in the A.M. and in the evening in a new group at Banana Ground, which is some ten miles east of Mondeville. It is situated high up on a mountain too, and even to get to Mondeville, we went up switch-backs up the mountain. We left at 8:10 in the morning and were home at 10:25 in the evening.”

The four hours of instruction that he gives in “school” in Lacovia involves 138 miles of driving—driving which he calls simply, but meaningfully, “Jamaica style.” In a letter written after one of those days, he writes, “I am a bit weary tonight.” That must be an understatement. It’s likely that the weather does not help at all, either. He writes that already in March it “is getting quite a bit warmer, but the nights have been cool and sleeping still is good. The sun has crossed the point of equinox now and will ere long be quite overhead here in Jamaica.” He adds, “So I wear my hat as an umbrella.”

To write news this short is almost as good as a vacation.