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September 15, 1973

For church news in a nutshell, we’ve lifted the following paragraph from the September 9 bulletin of First Church: 

“Candidate M. Joostens has accepted the call extended to him from Jenison. Candidate M. Hoeksema has asked for an extension of time in the consideration of his call to Forbes. Rev. J. Kortering has received the call to South Holland. Rev. H. Veldman leaves this week in order to labor for three Sundays in New Jersey. Rev. D. Engelsma expects to be in Houston, Texas, for three Sundays beginning probably on Sept. 16. Plans have also been made to organize a Protestant Reformed Church at Prospect Park, New Jersey, this coming Tuesday (Sept. 11). Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. H. Veldman plan to be present.” 

Rev. C. Hanko, incidentally, preached in New Jersey on September 2 and 9; Rev. H. Veldman planned to be there for that purpose on September 16, 23, and 30, and Rev. G. Van Baren on October 7 and 14.


September 10, 1973 

Classis West of the Protestant Reformed Churches met in Loveland, Colorado on September 5,1973. 

Rev. G. Lanting, president of the previous Classis, led the Classis in opening devotions. He read Matthew 11:16-25 and spoke to the Classis on verses 25 and 26. 

Eight ministers and thirteen elders conducted the business of the Classis. Two ministers were absent, Rev. D. Kuiper because his wife presented him with a baby daughter the day of Classis and Rev. R. Decker because he had accepted the call to the Seminary. Rev. R. Van Overloop from Classis East was present as a visitor and was given advisory vote. Rev. R. Miersma presided over the meeting.

In executive session, Classis advised a consistory to proceed with the erasure of a baptized member. 

In response to South Holland’s request for a moderator during their vacancy, Classis appointed Rev. W. Bekkering. 

The following schedule of classical appointments was adopted. Loveland: Sept. 30, Oct. 7 – Miersma. ,i>Forbes: Sept. 16, 23 – Lanting; Oct. 14,21 – Kuiper; Nov. 11, 18 – Moore; Dec. 9, 16 – Kortering; Jan. 13,20 – Miersma; Feb. 10,17 – Bekkering; March 3 – Woudenberg; March 10 – Kamps. South Holland: Oct. 7 – Bekkering; Nov. 4 – Kortering; Dec. 2 – Lanting; Jan. 6 – Moore; Feb. 3 – Kuiper; March 3 – Engelsma. Classis East was asked to help supply South Holland. 

Classis read a letter of farewell from Rev. R. Decker and instructed the Stated Clerk to respond, expressing the Classis’ gratitude to God for giving him to our Theological School and Classis’ remembrance of him in their prayers. 

Classis will meet next in Doon, Iowa on the First Wednesday of March, 1974, the Lord willing. 

Rev. David Engelsma, 

Stated Clerk 

Classis West

Although this meeting of Classis was very brief, the delegates enjoyed two other activities at the time of Classis. On the Tuesday evening before Classis, Rev. W. Bekkering lectured on “Neo-Pentecostalism” in the auditorium of the Loveland Church for the benefit of both the delegates and the Loveland congregation. On Wednesday afternoon, after Classis, the delegates held a conference for several hours. A paper was given on the subject. “Our Protestant Reformed Position regarding ‘the Free Offer of the Gospel,’ ” and a lively discussion followed. Several visitors also attended the conference, present and former officebearers from the Loveland congregation and other Protestant Reformed Churches, as well as ministers in other denominations. Through these activities also, the delegates were built up in the faith and enriched in the fellowship of the saints. 

D. E.