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The following trios have been proposed recently by the council of Hope Church (Grand Rapids): for pastor, Rev. J. Heys, Candidate R. VanOverloop, and Rev. B. Woudenberg; for home missionary, Rev. R. Decker, Rev. D. Engelsma, and Rev. D. Kuiper. At a congregational meeting held on August 21, Candidate VanOverloop was elected from the former, and Rev. D. Kuiper from the latter. Candidate VanOverloop has also received the call from Forbes, North Dakota. 

From Hull’s bulletin of August 13 comes the following message concerning Rev. Kortering: “Our pastor received the call from our Theological School to be professor in the branches of pastoral theology. These include homiletics (sermon making), poimenics (pastoral care), liturgies (proper worship), etc. as determined by synod in 1971. Let us direct our prayers to God that He may give guidance in this difficult decision.” 

During Rev. Schipper’s absence (for vacation), the pulpit at Southeast was filled, on August 20, by two of our recent graduates from the Seminary, W. Bekkering and M. Kamps. Southeast’s bulletin noted that “these brethren will be leaving soon for their charges: W. Bekkering to our church in Randolph, Wisconsin, and M. Kamps to our church in Redlands, California.” Southwest, incidentally, planned a farewell program for Candidate and Mrs. Bekkering, to be held on September 15.

Some of our teachers, and prospective teachers are also pulling up their stakes. For the school year which will, by the time you read this, have already begun, no less than three members of First Church planned to leave the city of Grand Rapids. Carol De Jong heads for South Holland, Illinois; Mary Looyenga for Edgerton, Minnesota; and Barb Meyer for Doon, Iowa. Peter Brummel, who has taught for the past three years in our South Holland school, is the new teacher-administrator in our school in Edgerton. Quoting from the June issue of the Reflector, “We wish Mr. and Mrs. Brummel God’s richest blessings as they embark on their new teaching assignment and as they reestablish their home in Edgerton, Minnesota.” That prayer for God’s blessing is ours, of course, for all of our teachers, whether they begin a new assignment or continue in an old.

Several of our schools hold convocation exercises prior to the commencement of the school year. From a couple of bulletins we learn that “the convocation exercises of our Loveland Protestant Reformed Christian School will be held . . . August 29, in the auditorium of the Loveland Protestant Reformed Church. Rev. Engelsma will speak on ‘Reformed Principles of Education.'” From Hull’s bulletin: “In keeping with the opening of school, a special convocation will be in Doon church on Monday, August 28, at 8 P.M. Rev. Kortering will be the speaker.” And we mustn’t forget the Seminary. Grand Rapids’ area bulletins read, “As all schools are again opening, so also is our Seminary. (September 6) is Convocation night, and the Theological School Committee invites you to enjoy this program at our Southwest Church.”

Remodeling of the auditorium of our church in Hull made it necessary that worship services be held in the Community Building on August 27 and September 3.

From a March bulletin of First Church comes this bit of Reformed Witness Hour Correspondence: “I would like to remain on your mailing list. I am inclined to believe that you are one of the very few that proclaim the whole truth or Word of God. . . . 

“Rare it is in this day to hear a faithful witness uphold the pure doctrine of grace without any mixture of Arminianism. May God bless your labors and enable you to continue your witness in the midst of this world. While this world will never receive your witness, there are many strangers and pilgrims who will enjoy it.” 

Also in connection with the work of the Radio Committee, there’s the following contribution concerning a request from a foreign country: “They (of the Radio Committee) wonder how in the world requests for the printed copies of the Radio Sermons come from Tasmania, Australia. Certainly the stations broadcasting the programs cannot reach Australia. Nevertheless, a note was addressed to and received by the Radio Committee for printed copies of the Radio messages. Indeed amazing! Also, many requests from the Iowa listeners, the California listeners, and several from the Western Michigan listeners. But—from Tasmania—that really stumps the Committee!”

As you may have guessed, that came from the pen of Mr. H. Vander Wal, Standard Bearer business manager, and also active member of the Radio Committee.