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Congregation Activities

Grace PRC’s (Standale, MI) consistory is sponsoring a conference on “Elders’ Supervision of the Minister.” Prof. Ronald Cammenga is the presenter of three interactive lectures concentrating on this main theme. All ministers, elders, deacons, and former elders and deacons are invited to attend this conference. The conference is being held at Grace PRC, with all sessions starting at 7:30 p.m. The first speech was given on February 26 and was entitled “The Elders’ Supervision of the Minister’s Life and Work.” The March 5 speech is “The Elders’ Supervision of the Minister’s Preaching (1).” Soon to follow on March 12 is the second speech on “The Elders’ Supervision of the Minister’s Preaching (2).” The format is a speech of about 45-50 minutes with opportunity during it for questions and then a 30-minute question and answer session after the speech. The speeches are being recorded in both audio and video format and are also being live-streamed for those who cannot attend the conference.

Our congregation in Wingham, Ontario, Canada has a goal. It is a noble goal. They desire to begin a Protestant Reformed Christian School. Located in Huron County, Ontario, about five hours to the east and north of Grand Rapids, MI, the city of Wingham has a population of about 3,000. Our congregation there numbers 16 families with a total membership of 70. Currently some members of the congregation homeschool and some use other local schools including a Baptist school and a Christian Reformed school some distance away. About eight years ago the school Board there approved the work of starting a school, but in God’s providence a school did not materialize at that time, as the Board was unable to hire a Protestant Reformed teacher. A few years ago a proposal to begin a school containing grades K-12 did not pass. However, now the same proposal has been adopted unanimously. The plan is to begin in the fall of 2015 with grades K-8 and to add a grade each of the next four years, D.V. Kindergarten through the eighth grade would include 17-20 students. The school is planning to use volunteers to assist in the school to ease the workload of the teacher as much as possible. A Protestant Reformed School is needed. A teacher is needed to make the school a reality. The school Board is working hard to hire one. The members in Wingham pray to God that He will bless the work of the school society with the establishment of a school there. Let’s join them in that prayer. What great news it would be to hear of a teacher-signing in Wingham!

Various Midwestern U.S. PRCs cancelled some or all of their services on February 1 due to snowstorms. Almighty God spoke to them in a different manner on this Lord’s Day, making His power visible and felt, and calling attention to His holiness and majesty in the blanket of white. Many appreciated technology, enabling them to view or listen to other PRC services online via live-streaming.

The congregation of Randolph, WI PRC is enjoying the sounds of a new baby grand piano in their worship services.

Ladies and girls of Wingham PRC who were interested joined in a crochet class recently, an enjoyable time of fellowship.

Young People’s Activities

Are you aware of the Young Calvinists committee of the Young People’s Federation Board? This committee has a twofold purpose of maintaining an Internet presence and organizing events for young people of the churches. Find them at the website, and view the blog, which has timely articles by various authors on many religious topics meant to inform, edify, and encourage the youth in our churches. Also, check the resources link. The plan is to expand the website in the future to include interaction among our young people, thereby unifying the youth of the churches. The Young Calvinists are interested in adding members to their staff. If you are interested in helping, you may e-mail Alex Thompson at Young people, you may enjoy this website and perhaps you can even contribute to it!

Minister Activities

Rev. William Langerak had been considering the call to be the next missionary to the Philippines. In his answer to this call on January 25, a letter of decline was read in Doon, IA PRC. We are thankful that the sovereign God has made His will plain to Rev. Langerak in the consideration of this call. On February 8 a new trio was announced, consisting of Rev. Allen Brummel (Heritage PRC, Sioux Falls, SD), Rev. Nathan Decker (Trinity PRC, Hudsonville, MI), and Rev. Daniel Holstege (First PRC, Holland, MI). Doon planned to call on February 15.

Rev. Rodney Kleyn, pastor of the Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA, received the call from Peace PRC, Lansing, IL to come over and help them as their pastor. May the Lord grant Rev. Kleyn a clear indication of His will concerning this call. Rev. Kleyn planned to answer on February 15.

On February 8 a letter of acceptance was read in First PRC of Grand Rapids, MI and also in the calling church for the Philippine mission field, the Doon, IA PRC. The King of the church in His divine providence led missionary-pastor Richard Smit to the decision to take up his labors in First PRC. It is an emotional time for many—the Smit family, the Kleyn family, First PRC, and Doon PRC—with tears surely being shed by all. Tears of thanksgiving and joy because God has blessed the labors of Rev. Smit in the Philippines for nearly six years, has kept the Smit family well in His almighty hand, and now has provided a new and needed place for him to labor. There were sensitive tears too, as the Smits must now leave the many saints they have grown to love in that far-away land, and leave the Kleyns behind as well. All involved confess that God is good, sovereign in all His ways, and working all things for the benefit of His elect. We are eager to see the Smits in the U.S. again soon, and pray often for the Kleyns as they remain in the work in the Manila area.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of Hudsonville, MI PRC held a conference entitled “Managing God’s Money” on January 29 and February 5 and 12. Various speakers addressed finances, debt, giving, stewardship, budgeting, saving, and much more from a biblical vantage point. Financial tools, financial ethics, financial communication, the work of deacons, and estate planning were also considered in various breakout sessions.

Mission Activities

Our missionaries in the Philippines are thankful to be able to use recorded versions of our seminary’s lectures in their 7M classes on Catechetics, taught by Prof. B. Gritters. This is a new use of technology there, and beneficial for our missionaries and their 7M students.

Denominational Activities

Classis West planned to meet March 4 in the Protestant Reformed Church of Doon, Iowa.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1.