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Minister Activities

On September 21 the Lord of glory took Rev. Dale Kuiper to his eternal reward. Rev. Kuiper served faithfully for thirty-six years, pastoring six Protestant Reformed congregations, and in addition served for a short time as a home missionary. He was also the author of many timely articles in this publication. We give thanks to God for Rev. Kuiper’s diligent labors, sorrow with the Kuiper family, and commit them to the care of their heavenly Father.

At the meeting of Classis West on September 24, Pastor-elect Joshua Engelsma sustained his examination. Mr. Engelsma was ordained as minister of the Word and sacraments in the Doon, IA PRC on October 3, with Professor David Engelsma leading the service. Rev. Joshua Engelsma preached his inaugural sermon in Doon the evening of October 5.

On September 21 the calling church for the mission field in the Republic of the Philippines issued a call to Rev. Cory Griess, pastor of Calvary PRC, Hull, IA, to be the next missionary there. Rev. Griess planned to answer this call on October 19.

Also on September 21 Faith PRC, Jenison, MI issued a call to Rev. Clayton Spronk, of Peace PRC, Lansing, IL, to be their next pastor. Rev. Spronk planned to answer this call on October 19.

In a special congregational meeting held October 2, First PRC of Grand Rapids, MI called Rev. Brian Huizinga, pastor of Hope PRC, Redlands, CA, to be their minister.

Congregation Activities

The expression “many hands make light work” was exactly the case in Covenant of Grace PRC of Spokane, WA where two work bees were held this summer. The first was for some demolition prior to remodeling in the parsonage. Then the congregation gathered to clean up landscaping, trim trees, do some weeding, etc. Children joined in to help the adults, and neighbors commented how pleasant things looked. The former parsonage has been sold, so the Rev. Rodney Kleyn family is living in a rental house across the street from the church while the current parsonage is being remodeled.

A special needs Bible study is in its fourth season at Faith PRC, Jenison, MI. This group meets the first and third Thursday of each month from September through April. A helper is supplied for each of the 10-15 members who attend. The hour-long meetings include a 20-30 minute discussion on a passage or topic, and song singing, followed by a craft. The book “Show Me Thy Ways” by Gertrude Hoeksema is used in the discussion. We give thanks to hear that this important opportunity remains available to our special needs children, young people, and adults who attend!

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of the First PRC in Edgerton, MN sponsored a presentation by its pastor, Rev. Douglas Kuiper, in the nearby Chandler, MN community center. Rev. Kuiper spoke on the topic “As for Me and My House: The Importance of Family Devotions.” All those from Edgerton whose last name did not begin with “B” were asked to bring cookies or bars for refreshments. We hope there were enough cookies. Lots of “B”s in Edgerton!

On September 16, the Evangelism Committee of the Grandville, MI PRC held a workshop on the theme “Personal and Church Evangelism.” Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma, Eastern Home Missionary based in Pittsburgh, PA, and Rev. Daniel Holstege, pastor of the First PRC of Holland, MI, were the speakers.

School Activities

Many schools held kick-off festivities. Such was the case with the Protestant Reformed Christian School in Loveland, CO. All ages enjoyed “Western Night,” with activities including donkey-cart and horseback rides, panning for gold, and digging in a “feed trough” for treats. Children eagerly parted with two tickets to have the “sheriff” put a friend in jail for 15 minutes. Prizes were awarded to best-dressed, best calf-roper, the strongest wrangler (arm-wrestler), and for the farthest cow-pie toss. Following a supper of pulled pork and baked beans served in tin plates, all gathered to sing a few cowboy-style songs accompanied by banjo and guitar.

On September 15 the members of Heritage Christian School Society in the Hudsonville, MI area attended a special meeting to vote whether to purchase the recently closed Freedom Christian School building and whether to sell their present building to the Hudsonville Public School system. Both votes passed with overwhelming support. There seems to be much excitement in anticipation of this transition, as well as a measure of sadness as the old building will no doubt be missed.

Mission Activities

You may recall the problem of the Federation of Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines, when they attempted in the last year to register their name with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippine government. Because the initials FPRCP closely resembled those of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), there was a delay in the formation of the federation while the situation was addressed. Now one of the members of that federation, the First Reformed Church of Bulacan, has encountered the same conundrum. In attempting to change their official name to the First Protestant Reformed Church of Bulacan, difficulty arose again as the initials closely resembled a present organization. To make the story short, their name will no longer include the word “First” but will be Protestant Reformed Church in Bulacan. Their website is

The only effect of a mid-September northern Philippine typhoon felt in the Antipolo area was a deluge of rain. It’s a good thing our missionary families live on a hill, enabling them to escape local flooding.

Classis Activities

Classis East of the PRCA met September 10 at Grandville PRC, Grandville, MI. The usual agenda items were completed. Also, four protests regarding the changing of the date for Prayer Day were put in the hands of a sub-committee. Classis planned to reconvene October 15 to deal with these protests.

Classis West was hosted by Peace PRC, Lansing, IL, on September 24. The most significant item on the agenda was the examination of pastor-elect Joshua Engelsma. An officebearers’ conference on the topic of “Preaching” was held the day before.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1.