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Congregation Activities

Reflecting on the Word of God found in Ephesians 5:25, “as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it,” we extend our congratulations to four of our congregations who celebrate their anniversaries this month. The Loveland, CO PRC organized June 7, 1958; the Hope PRC in Walker, MI organized on June 8, 1916; the Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI organized on June 18, 2008; and the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA or­ganized sometime in June (the exact date unknown) in 1932.

The Consistory of the Hudson­ville, MI PRC recently gave their approval to a group of parents to organize a group for boys of their church. The goal of this group is to aid these young sons of the congre­gation in their growth in areas such as service to others, stewardship, integrity, leadership, personal devo­tions, etc. This group should also provide an excellent opportunity for the men of Hudsonville to lead by example, mentor, and ultimately assist in building godly men. With those goals in mind, these parents decided to call the group BUILD, for Boys United in the Lord’s Di­rection. Boys from kindergarten through eighth grade were encour­aged to attend. Plans called for typi­cal meetings to involve an activity, to be followed by devotions directly related to that activity. For example, building birdhouses, followed by devotions about God caring for sparrows and us. Also a tour of our Seminary, followed by devotions about supporting our ministers and ways to serve in the church.

Rev. David Overway, recently installed as pastor of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI, preached his first sermon there on Sunday morning, April 21. Rev. Overway chose to expound God’s Word as found in Matthew 28:20b under the theme, “Jesus’ Promise to Be with Us.”

Sunday, April 28, following their evening worship service, the congre­gation of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC was privileged to attend an interest­ing and informative program presented by John VanBaren and Hank VanderWal, members of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI. From these two men who, last fall, had served as a delegation on behalf of their church to the PRC of Myanmar, the Kalamazoo congregation was able to learn much about Hope Church’s work in that faraway land.

The Choir of the Randolph, WI PRC invited their congregation to join them Sunday evening, April 21, as they presented the Easter Can­tata, “Hallelujah, What a Savior.”

The Georgetown PRC in Hud­sonville, MI invited interested mem­bers of neighboring congregations to join them Sunday evening, April 21, for a slide-show program on the Reformed Christian Church of Vellore, India. This presentation focused on the recent visit in January made by Pastor Carl Haak, Prof. Barry Gritters, and elder Deane Wassink to Pastor Paul Raj, and the RCCV. The program was also a report of Georgetown’s work in Vellore, India over the past six years.

The Adult Bible Society of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL invited fellow society members of nearby PR congregations to join them for the Annual Combined Bible Study on April 23. This annual event marks the end of the Bible study year. The topic for discussion this year was the purpose of Heidelberg Catechism preaching.

The Voices of Victory, a male quartet from the Grand Rapids, MI area, presented a program Friday evening, April 26, at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Wingham, Ontario. This program was sponsored by the Wingham, Ontario PRC.

While your thoughts are with the Wingham congregation, we take this opportunity to encourage you to check out their new website, We found the site while reading their bul­letin last week at our PRC official website, so you can find it that way too! We especially enjoyed reading about their history as an organized congregation under “About Us.” Give it a look.

The members of the Providence PRC in Hudsonville, MI were invited to what was advertised as their “Spring Spectacular Mystery Scavenger Amazing Race Hunt” on Saturday afternoon, April 20. Those attending were reminded to bring along a digital camera, prefer­ably with an empty memory card. Sounds like the activity could have been very interesting.

All confessing male members of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI were invited to an organizational meeting for a Men’s Bible Study, which will meet this summer, DV. This meet­ing took place on Sunday, April 28.

Mission Activities

Recently missionary-pastor Daniel Kleyn had the opportunity to accompany Rev. John Flores on a visit to the PR Fellowship in Al­buera, a mission work of the First Reformed Church of Bulacan in the Philippines. During their four-day visit Rev. Flores spoke twice (con­cerning the cessation of the special gifts of the Spirit) and preached once. Rev. Flores also translated Rev. Kleyn’s speeches and sermon. Rev. Kleyn spoke twice (concern­ing prayer) and preached once. In addition, these two men met a few times with Bro. Buboy, a man who leads the Fellowship on Sundays, using reading sermons supplied by First Reformed Church. Rev. Kleyn concludes his blog by adding, “What a blessing to see the excitement and zeal of these dear fellow believers…and their earnest request for our assistance and prayers so that they might not stray from the truth. Let us remember them in our prayers.”

Members of the PR Fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA invited all inter­ested contacts of the Fellowship to join them on May 2 for their annual Spring Lecture. This year mission­ary-pastor Wilbur Bruinsma spoke on the subject, “Who Rules Our Nation: God or Man?”

Evangelism Activities

The Covenant of Grace PRC in Spokane, WA sponsored a special lecture on May 3. Pastor Ron Van Overloop, of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI, spoke on the ques­tion, “Does Your Church Need a Vision?” Pastor Van Overloop also preached for Covenant of Grace the following Lord’s Day.

Minister Activities

Rev. Clayton Spronk, pastor of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL, de­clined the call extended to him by the Doon, IA PRC to become their next pastor.