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Evangelism Activities

Congregations in and around the Grand Rapids, MI area were asked to reserve July 19 and 20 for the annual summer lecture series sponsored by the Reformed Wit­ness Committee of Hope PRC in Walker, MI. The lecture topic for this year’s series was, “The Covenant of Grace as Manifested in the Marks of the True Church.” Prof. David Engelsma spoke Thursday evening on “Preaching of the Word.” This speech was followed Friday evening with Prof. Ronald Cammenga speak­ing on the “Sacraments” and Prof. Barrett Gritters speaking on “Chris­tian Discipline.”

In evangelism news from First PRC in Holland, MI we learn that on July 27 their congregation hosted a chapel at the Holland Rescue Mission in Holland, MI. Mr. Rich Moore, a member of First, led that chapel service. This chapel served as an introduction for First as they con­tinued the theme of that chapel with four Bible studies the four Mondays in August at the Mission. These Bible studies, based on Ephesians 1, 2, were also led by Mr. Moore. First’s Evangelism Committee, with the approval of their Council, also sponsored a series of radio ads for an eight week period on a local Holland radio station, WJQK 99.3 FM. In addition, Rev. Daniel Hol­stege, First’s pastor, will be placed on a rotation of local Holland pastors to have morning meditations on that same radio station for a week at a time.

The Evangelism Committee of Heritage PRC in Sioux Falls, SD was looking for volunteers from their congregation to assist with the Sioux Empire Fair booth they were sponsoring on August 6-11. Heritage’s Evangelism Committee planned to focus their booth on their catechism material and the work of the church in training its children.

The Evangelism Committee of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI hosted a summer singspiration en­titled “God’s Perfect Plan,” on Sun­day evening, July 29. Everyone was invited to come and sing about the assurance we have that God’s ways are the best in every situation. The Majestic Brass, and a variety of others, contributed special music.

In an update from their Evange­lism Society, the members of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI learned that their Evangelism Society hoped to continue hold­ing chapels and Bible studies at the Holland Rescue Mission in the coming fall and winter. The Society also continues to use Ser­ to broadcast their sermons. Each week they upload the last Sunday’s sermons. During the month of July, 283 sermons were downloaded to 28 different states and 16 different countries.

Mission Activities

The Reformed Witness Hour has decided to air their broadcast on WPFG 91.3 FM in Carlisle, PA. This radio station reaches into Harrisburg and York, PA. A quick look at Google Maps shows that these two cities are some 200-plus miles east of Pittsburgh, the location of the Pittsburgh Mission and Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma. We are thankful for the witness we are able to leave via radio in these areas of Pennsylvania.

The Berean PRC in Manila, the Philippines, voted unanimously to approve the call to Candidate Ver­non Ibe to become their first pastor. We remember Brother Ibe and the Berean congregation in our prayers as he considers this call.

Rev. Richard Smit reported on recent floods in the Philippines that have affected some of the members of the Berean PRC and some of their contacts. Rev. Smit wrote that, “as missionaries, we remain grate­ful for the love and concern of the PRCA, PRCNI, and CERCS for fellow saints of like precious faith in the Philippines. Be assured that at this time we are doing well. There is significant disruption of the daily routine at the moment among some families here, and there will be the hard work of cleanup later this week and next week. May the Lord of the wind and the rain continue to bless His church even through the calami­ties that He sends upon us for the coming of His heavenly kingdom.”

Young People’s Activities

We offer a special thanks to the Hope PRC in Walker, MI and their Young People’s Society, for hosting this year’s 72nd annual Young Peo­ple’s Convention. This year’s con­vention was held at the Michindoh Conference Center in Hillsdale, MI, about a two hour ride south and east of Grand Rapids. This year’s theme was, “Led by the Shepherd,” based on Psalm 23. Rev. Martyn McGeown spoke to the young people first, on the theme under the topic of “The Shepherd,” followed by Rev. Andrew Lanning speaking on “The Sheep,” and Rev. James Laning on “The Blessed Relationship.” Discussion groups were also held, centering in the topics of “Church Membership” and “Who Is on the Lord’s Side?” Looking at the website for this sum­mer’s convention also showed some interesting activities: a 320-foot wa­ter slide, a climbing wall, and mud-pit volleyball. Makes me wonder if anyone still remembers an east/west softball game? But then, I am prob­ably just showing my age. We thank the Lord for the convention and ask Him to bless it as a time of spiritual refreshment and encouragement for our young people. Special thanks again to Hope and all those who served as chaperones and gave their time for the success of the conven­tion.

Minister Activities

With thanksgiving to God, Rev. Cory and Lael Griess received the gift of a healthy baby girl, Lena Hope (5 lbs. 10 oz.), born on Au­gust 14.

Rev. Clayton Spronk declined the call from the Randolph, WI PRC. On August 29 Randolph called Rev. Garrett Eriks to become their next pastor.

On Sunday evening, August 19, Hope PRC in Walker, MI extended a call to Rev. Rodney Kleyn to serve as their next pastor.

The saints of the Covenant ERC in Singapore are deeply thankful to God for supplying their need for a pastor in leading Rev. Andrew Lan­ning to accept the call to serve as minister-on-loan to their congrega­tion.