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With a Classis report as long as that one, we’re going to have to be rather selective in our choice of news items for this issue, and save the rest for next time. 

Rev. Heys writes that he plans his Farewell Sermon for April 19, and that he’s “booked up with meetings” to the very end of his stay. He also mentioned that the days were getting warmer—meaning temperatures higher than 80 degrees. That was on March 25, the day prior to one in which the schools in Grand Rapids had to be called off as the result of a spring blizzard. 

According to bulletin announcements, there were a number of programs during the Easter season. Hope School, for example, presented their all-school program on March 20 at First Church, having as their theme, “Heirs With Christ.” Another program was sponsored by the Southeast Young People’s Society and held at First Church at 2:00 on Resurrection Sunday. The program consisted of a speech by Rev. Veldman on a “topic related to Easter,” special numbers, and refreshments. And that evening there was an Easter Singspiration, sponsored by the Beacon Lights Staff, in Southeast Church. 

In other church news of general interest, Rev. Lubbers has been granted an extension of time to consider his call to be missionary to Jamaica until after Synod makes decisions regarding the labors in that field. Rev. Van Baren has declined the calls from Doon and Hull. And, at the time of this writing, Rev. Schipper, although experiencing some “post-operative complications” (after surgery for the removal of his gall bladder), is being led on the road to recovery, though “not as rapidly as anticipated.” 

With that we had better quit, with the hope that we have not already exceeded the limit.