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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregational Highlights

On May 19 Rev. C. Hanko, one of our churches’ emeritus ministers, celebrated his 85th birthday. In recognition of Rev. Hanko’s many years of labor in and for our churches, the Council of the Hudsonville, MI PRC (the church of which Rev. Hanko is now a member) sponsored an open house on Wednesday evening, May 20, in the Fellowship Room of the church. Hudsonville’s congregation, as well as all our West-Michigan congregations, were invited to come and extend personal congratulations to Rev. Hanko.

Rev. Hanko was asked that night when was the first time he conducted a worship service for one of our churches. His answer was that his first experience leading a worship service came in Byron Center when he was just nineteen years old. That means, if my math is correct, that Rev. C. Hanko has served our churches for 66 years.

Personally, having had Rev. Hanko as my own pastor twice in my life, I can say that God has truly blessed our churches by giving us a faithful minister like Rev. Hanko.

This might also be a good time to remind our readers to remember in prayer all our emeritus ministers and their families, as well as our ministers’ widows. You might also like to send them a card. Their addresses can be found in the back of your 1991 Acts of Synod and Yearbook.

The Building Committee of the Peace PRC of Lynwood, IL reported to their congregation that they have met on two occasions with an architect and builder to determine how best to proceed. But before they go ahead with preliminary plans and drawings for a church building, the committee had to come before the Council to determine just what the congregation could afford in the way of a church building. And presently the Council is trying to answer this question. Hopefully, what the congregation needs and what they can afford are close together.

When it came time for Rev. Kuiper and his family to leave Immanuel PRC of Lacombe, AB, Canada, the congregation organized a farewell supper for the family. After the supper, a short program was also given. And then, following the evening service on April 5, the congregation spent an hour of fellowship and song together to bid farewell to the Kuipers.

On May 1, the congregation of the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI organized a welcome program for Rev. Kuiper and his family. A light luncheon was served in the church basement following the program.

Since Rev. Kuiper’s departure in early April from Immanuel PRC, the congregation there has been receiving classical appointments on a regular basis. One such appointment brought Rev. S. Houck to Immanuel for two weeks in late April. Immanuel’s Evangelism Committee took this opportunity to sponsor a lecture given by Rev. Houck on the topic, “Is the King James Version Still the Best?”

The Ladies’ Society of the Randolph, WI PRC served as sponsor for a couple of slide programs. First, on June 4 Rev. B. Woudenberg showed slides on Hungary/Romania and spoke about the state of the Reformed church there and of their survival under communism. This was a public presentation. The next night Rev. Woudenberg took the opportunity to show Randolph’s congregation slides of Tasmania/Australia, and to speak to them about his labors there with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia.

The last Thursday-night catechism class for the year at the Doon, IA PRC was a combined meeting. The classes got together to look at the history of the split of 1953 in the Protestant Reformed Churches. A handout was prepared for this class, and it was also suggested that parents and grandparents might be able to give the catechumens stories about these days from their experience.

The Council of the Faith, Jenison, MI PRC has authorized the videotaping of their worship services for the benefit of their sick and shut-ins.

The Young People’s Society of the Grandville, MI PRC sponsored a beach volleyball tournament at Holland State Park on Saturday, May 30.

Ministerial Calls

The congregation of the Hudsonville, MI PRC met after the morning service on May 24 and extended a call to Rev. B. Gritters to serve as missionary to Larne, Northern Ireland. He hoped to have an answer by June 21.

The Grandville, MI PRC extended their first call to fill the vacancy created when Rev. Kortering accepted the call to Singapore, to Rev. C. Haak. His subsequent decline of that call meant that Grandville would have to call again. This they did on June 7 when they called Rev. Ron VanOverloop, from a trio of Revs. Bruinsma, Gritters, and VanOverloop.

We want to end with a word of congratulations to all our graduates for this school year.

To you graduates, as well as all the rest of us, we pass along words of wisdom borrowed from Heritage Christian School’s final weekly note for the year.

“Have a great summer

. . .with the 3 R’s —

Rest, Relax, and Read!!”