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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Mission Activities

The Covenant Reformed Fellowship of Larne, Northern Ireland decided to purchase a market stall for use in the open air market in Ballymena, which is held each Saturday. The stall will be manned each week by two members of the Fellowship and will contain all their books and pamphlets along with a selection of Bibles and sermons on tape. The evangelistic tract, “Do You Know the True God?” written by Rev. Houck, will also be given out to passers-by. Apart from the objective of getting good literature into the hands of the people, the Fellowship is also hopeful that this endeavor will be a means of making contact with people and will give the Fellowship an opportunity to invite them to their services.

Professors Engelsma and Hanko, along with their wives, were also in Larne the week of August 16th, to participate in the “Conference on the Family,” sponsored by the British Reformed Fellowship.

Evangelism Highlights

The month of August also saw Rev. Terpstra, pastor of the South Holland, IL PRC preaching in Hamilton, OH to a sovereign grace Calvinistic church which requested, in May, that he come to preach on common grace and the free offer of the gospel. Rev. Terpstra has been in correspondence with two men there for two years. Through their reading and study they have come to the Protestant Reformed position in these matters, and they wanted others in their church to receive the same instruction.

After careful consideration, the Council of South Holland, IL PRC has decided to discontinue their labors in Fort Wayne, IN at the end of August. The members of this group have been attending our Kalamazoo, MI church and are being encouraged to seek membership in one of our churches.

South Holland’s Council also received notice from the group in Boise, ID, the Sovereign Redeemer Fellowship, that they voted unanimously to seek affiliation with our churches. The Council has begun to consider the steps necessary for them to become organized as a home mission field. In the meantime, South Holland will continue to supply them with twice a month preaching from men in Classis West.

South Holland’s Evangelism Committee also shared with their congregation the following letter from an inmate at the Arizona State Prison. “There are a group of inmates here . . . who meet daily for serious Bible study. We go by the name of Reformed Fellowship with our goal being to promote the truth of the Reformed faith throughout the prison system. Our goal is somewhat hindered because of the lack of proper tools. I have the urgent need for the following, which if you could supply, the fellowship would be eternally thankful. Reformed Dogmatics by H. Hoeksema, Faith of Our Fathers by H. Hoeksema, and Behold He Cometh by H. Hoeksema.”

Young People’s Activities

If you thought that, since this year’s Young People’s convention in Grand Rapids, MI was now history, the young people would take a break from fund-raising think again. This project by the young people from the Hull, IA PRC and a few from the Doon, IA PRC actually began before this year’s convention and was targeted for next year’s convention in Iowa. These young people worked at the Foreign Candy Company, packing candy into boxes for about three hours. The money raised, about $750.00, will go for next year’s convention. Incidentally, it appears that this project will continue for some time, with the young people doing the work whenever the need arises.

Congregational Activities

A new Doctrinal Review Class was started this summer in our Kalamazoo, MI PRC. This was intended to be an approximately eight-week course, which was to cover the overall field of Reformed doctrine. The opening week’s discussion looked at the question of how, with all the various claims of different denominations, we can know which interpretation of Scripture is correct. And the following week the discussion began with a consideration of the difference between time and eternity.

Sunday afternoon, August 23, the Sunday School of the Hudsonville, MI PRC sponsored a “Children’s Singspiration” in their church auditorium. Songs and special numbers were focused on children. Children of all ages were invited to attend.

One final item of information. The address of Rev. and Mrs. Kortering is:

9C Happy Mansion

Happy Avenue North

Singapore 1336

Republic of Singapore.

Remember to write to them, they very much appreciate hearing from you.