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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan

Mission Activities

Members of the Heritage PR Fellowship in Sioux Falls, SD sponsored a booth in the Sioux Empire Fair from August 11-16. Rev. Allen Brummel, our denomination’s missionary in Sioux Falls, planned to be at the booth as much as possible, with volunteers from the Fellowship sitting with him and also filling in during the times when he could not be there. Plans included distributing literature, and having a TV showing recent ads that have appeared on local television promoting the Fellowship, and the PRCA DVD introducing our churches. Rev. Brummel writes that the week at the fair was very rewarding, giving the Fellowship the opportunity to hand out over 900 pieces of literature. We echo his sentiments when he adds, “We now pray that God will give the increase and that His name will be glorified by the reading and study of that literature.”

A recent bulletin from the Hope PRC in Walker, MI contained a brief Myanmar update. The Council of Hope PRC continues to labor with Rev. Titus and the saints in Myanmar. Hope’s pastor, Rev. James Laning, is mentoring Rev. Titus in the catechetical instruction he is giving to the members of his congregation. Hope is also happy to report that some of the men in the congregation have found part-time work. As a result, Hope has been able to reduce the amount of cyclone relief given, but collections and gifts for this cause are still greatly needed and appreciated. If you are interested in keeping current on the developments of Hope’s work in Myanmar, you are encouraged to check out Hope’s blog at Click on News and Views of the PRC.

In mid July the members of the PR Fellowship in Pittsburgh, PA met together on a Saturday for a work bee at their church. There were a number of projects that needed to be accomplished on the outside of the church, and the inside of the building needed some “spring” cleaning as well.

Sister-Church Activities

Rev. Angus Stewart, pastor of the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, along with his wife, Mary, made their biennial trip to the United States this summer. They were here August 10 through September 7. Looking at the Stewarts’ itinerary, we would have to call the visit a working vacation. In addition to camping in Rocky Mountain National Park and visiting family and friends, Rev. Stewart had plans to meet with our denomination’s Contact Committee, give two lectures, attend the Young People’s Convention, give three slide presentations on the CPRC and its ministry to the United Kingdom, and preach eight times in seven of our congregations. While the Stewarts were in America, Rev. G. VanBaren was scheduled to preach for the Covenant congregation.

Evangelism Activities

The Council of First PRC in Holland, MI approved a proposal from their Evangelism Committee to have their church listed in a directory of area churches. This listing is put together by the Holland Sentinel newspaper and is placed in area hotels for visitors to the area.

The Evangelism Committee of the Grandville, MI PRC hosted a lecture on August 12 at the Grandville Public High School. Rev. Angus Stewart spoke on the topic, “Calvin versus Darwin: Anniversaries, Origins, and Worldviews.” This timely topic dealt with the clashing views of God as Sovereign Creator versus evolution, according to which man elevates himself as the “highest form of good.”

The Reformed Witness Committee of the Doon, Edgerton, and Hull PRCs in Iowa and Minnesota will again be conducting a Bible study at Dordt College during the coming school year. This group is scheduled to meet every Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. in the classroom building on Dordt’s campus. The Lord willing, they will finish the book of Genesis and begin another book of the Bible to be determined by the students. The RWC hoped to see all the PR Dordt College students there and also encouraged them to invite others to attend.

Christianity on Campus, a Reformed Bible study at Grand Valley State University, and sponsored in part by the Grace PRC in Standale, MI, will once again be meeting this coming school year. Incoming freshmen and current students attending Grand Valley were encouraged to stop by Grace PRC on August 8 for an informational meeting about the Bible study. A lunch of pizza and pop was also provided.

Young People’s Activities

The young people of the Calvary PRC in Hull, IA gave out a big thank-you to their congregation for helping them with a recent pop-can drive. Nearly $800 was raised for Calvary’s Young People’s Society. We do not know how much of a deposit one receives for the return of a can in Iowa, but here in Michigan it is $.10. If Iowa is close to that number, that is a lot of cans!!!

The Young People and congregation of the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI hosted this summer’s 68th annual Young People’s Convention held this year at Lake Williamson Christian Center in Southern Illinois. The topic this year was “A Church Gathered From All Nations.” 364 young people were scheduled to attend, as well as 60-70 adult chaperones. Revs. Rodney Kleyn, Angus Stewart, and Dennis Lee were the speakers.

Congregation Activities

The New Church Building Committee of the South Holland, IL PRC was happy to report that a building permit has been issued for their new church and that site work on their property has just begun.

At a recent congregational meeting, the members of the Lynden, WA PRC approved two proposals. One to change the time of their evening worship service from 6:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., and second, to resurface their church parking lot.

Members of the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI were invited to a Family Bowling Night on August 14 at Hudsonville Lanes for a night of inexpensive fun and fellowship. $2/person or $10/family entitled Southeast members to unlimited bowling, along with free pizza and pop!