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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Minister Activities

Rev. Rodney Kleyn, pastor of the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI, declined the call extended to him from the Byron Center, MI PRC to become their next pastor.

On Sunday, March 1, the congregation of the Calvary PRC in Hull, IA extended a call to Rev. Carl Haak, pastor of the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI, to serve as their first pastor.

Evangelism Activities

In a recent news letter to their congregation, the Evangelism Committee of the Hudsonville, MI PRC reported that all of Hudsonville’s sermons are now made available on As of January 2009, Hudsonville had 123 sermons available for downloading. Hudsonville’s sermons have averaged 500 downloads per month for the last 4-6 months, and there have been over 7,000 sermons downloaded since they started making sermons available in March 2007. In December 2008, and January 2009, there were downloads from 35 states, along with China, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mexico, France, Finland, the British Virgin Islands, Nigeria, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, and Italy.

The members of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL, along with friends and supporters from other area churches, were cordially invited to Peace on Friday, February 27, to hear Prof. Barry Gritters speak on the theme, “The Importance and Power of Music in the Worship of God.”

Congregation Activities

For the second year in a row, the Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI sponsored Dave Ramsey’s 13-week Financial Peace University Class. The class began on March 3 and was open to anyone wishing to attend, not just Georgetown members.

The regular meeting of Classis West convened on March 4 at the Edgerton, MN PRC. There was an Officebearers Conference on the subject “Catechizing Our Youth” on March 3. Rev. Steven Key, pastor of the Hull, IA PRC, gave the keynote address, “A Historical Emphasis on Catechetical Instruction,” followed by Rev. Nathan Langerak, from the South Holland, IL PRC, speaking on “Antithetical Catechetical Instruction in the 21st Century.” In the afternoon Mr. James Regnerus gave a speech on “The Involvement of the Elders in Catechism,” followed by Rev. David Overway, from the Doon, IA PRC, speaking on “Practical Application of Catechism.”

The young ladies of the Hudsonville, MI PRC, with the help of their parents, invited their congregation to a fund-raising soup supper on February 18, at their church. The purpose of this fund-raiser was to collect funds for their group, which meets throughout the summer months when school is out. The menu included lots of fellowship, plus soup, salad, and an ice cream sundae bar.

Sister-Church Activities

This year, Reformed churches celebrate the 500th-year anniversary of the birth of the great church reformer John Calvin. To mark and celebrate that event, our sister church in Northern Ireland, the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, sponsored three lectures, intended to show how God fitted Calvin for and strengthened him in the battle for church reformation in Geneva and Europe in the sixteenth century, a gracious work of Jesus Christ still continuing today around the world. The first lecture, entitled “John Calvin’s Battle for the Reformation,” with Rev. Angus Stewart as speaker, was held at the Portadown Town Hall in Portadown, Northern Ireland on February 20, followed on March 6 by a lecture at the Limerick School Project, Limerick, Republic of Ireland, and concluding at the Rest Convalescent Home, Porthcawl, South Wales on March 20, D.V.

School Activities

The School Board of Trinity Christian High School invited all of their supporters to a promotional lecture at the Hull, IA PRC on March 2. Rev. Nathan Langerak spoke on the topic, “Abounding in the Work of the Lord.” Trinity’s choir provided a special number, and refreshments were served after the lecture.

Young People’s Activities

The Senior Young People’s Society of the Faith PRC in Jenison, MI met together on Sunday evening, March 1, to consider the topic “Facing Facebook, Myspace, and Twittering Away Our Lives.” The young people wanted to take a Christian look at social networking—the good and the bad. In addition to bringing their Bibles, the society was also challenged to be prepared to state their case.

The Young People’s Society of the Immanuel PRC in Lacombe, AB, Canada, hosted a Black Tie Dinner on February 27 at their church. A special invitation to attend was extended to Immanuel’s young adults singles and married couples.

The members of the Grandville, MI PRC were invited to a potluck dinner planned by their Young People’s Society for Saturday, February 21. Besides the promise of some good food, the congregation was also invited to stay and enjoy good fellowship and games afterward.

The young people from the Grace PRC in Standale, MI took part in Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday, February 21. Contributions from the congregation went to this summer’s young people’s convention.

In March, two of our Young People’s Societies, the young people of the Hudsonville, MI PRC and the young people of Peace PRC in Lansing, IL, provided their congregations with an early taste of spring by giving them an opportunity to purchase Easter lilies and tulips.

Young Adult Activities

The Young Adult Society of the Lynden, WA PRC invited their congregation to come to a Singspiration on March 1, after the evening service. A collection was taken for the upcoming Young Adult Retreat planned in Lynden for later this summer.