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The second volume in the Reformed Free Publishing Association’s paperback series, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, has just come out. The title is Reformed Worship. The book is a timely treatment of the lively, controversial, and crucially important issue of the public worship of the church.

The book demonstrates from Scripture, the Reformed confessions, and the Reformed tradition that the worship of the church must be regulated by the Word of God. God does not leave the “how” of worship up to the worshiping people. The fundamental issue in the current “worship-wars” is the second commandment of the law of God.

The critique of various expressions of the increasingly popular “progressive” worship points out that “progressive” worship invariably dislodges the preaching of the gospel from its place at the heart of worship.

Reformed Worship responds to the charge that “traditional” Reformed worship leaves the congregation passive.

In the course of its examination of biblical, covenantal worship, the book considers such controversial matters among those holding the “regulative principle” of worship as the observance of the Christian holidays, the use of instrumental accompaniment, and exclusive psalmody. It pleads for peace regarding these differences and offers grounds on which this peace may stand.

Three ministers in the Protestant Reformed Churches, Prof. Barrett L. Gritters, Rev. Charles J. Terpstra, and Prof. David J. Engelsma cooperate in this fresh, informative, and provocative study.

The publishing project, Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, makes available in book form series of articles on theological, ecclesiastical, and ethical subjects that originally ran in the Standard Bearer. In this way, the witness to the truth of the Reformed faith and life spreads. In addition, those who read the series of articles in the Standard Bearer have the material in the useful form of a single volume. The books are small—about one hundred pages. All are published in the same attractive format. The first in the series was David J. Engelsma’s Common Grace Revisited: A Response to Richard J. Mouw’s He Shines in All That’s Fair.

The RFPA intends to send Reformed Worship to all members of the book club as a gift. The gift expresses appreciation for the support those members give to the work of the RFPA, financial and otherwise. At the same time, the RFPA hopes that members of the book club and readers of the Standard Bearer will order copies of the book for family members, friends, and acquaintances. Copies of the book can be ordered from the RFPA at the low price of $6.95 per copy. The RFPA urges evangelism committees, within the Protestant Reformed Churches and without, to use Reformed Worship in their witness. Copies will be available to evangelism committees at cost.

Societies and discussion-groups will find the book an ideal basis for the study of the supreme calling of the church and the individual member: the right worship of the God and Father of Jesus Christ.