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I appreciate the discussion between Brendan Looyenga and Rev. Spronk regarding our critique of evolutionary science (SB, July 2014). Dr. Looyenga argues: “the problem with atheistic science is not its failure at logic, but rather its failure to comport with the truths of Scripture.”

I suggest the problem with atheistic science is both its failure at logic and its failure to comport with Scripture. Atheistic science, in common with empirical science as a whole, has for its fundamental premise that true knowledge of the physical world is based on sense experience. The fundamental axiom of empirical science is that truth (or true knowledge) about the world can be gained through sense experience (our observation of the physical world). But this claim is self-contradictory in that the claim itself cannot be verified by sense experience! And anything self-contradictory is by definition illogical.

Philip Rainey

Grand Rapids, Michigan