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Dear Friend:

In 1950 an appeal was sent to members of our congregations; this appeal was to determine whether our people would be willing to assume the financial obligations of three former Episcopalian ministers and their families over a period of three years.

During this period these men intend to devote their time attending our Protestant Reformed Seminary. Through God’s grace, which doth work in us to will and to do, our people have responded and with the help of the ministers doing part time work the past year has been successful.

During this time the congregations in the vicinity of Grand Rapids have had the opportunity of meeting and hearing these men. Arrangements are now being made D.V., to have these men speak in our western churches.

The spirit of cooperation, sincerity and gratitude manifested by these men with the newly formed board has been a privilege, thanks to the God of our salvation who has bestowed these gifts unto men.

The brethren take this opportunity to express their gratitude for your labor, kindness, and love:

“I have learned more about the pure Reformed truth and life, while a student in our Theological School this past year, and while a member of our churches, than at any other time of my spiritual life. I deeply appreciate the help of all who have made it possible for me and my family to reside in Grand Rapids, and have our physical necessities provided for. Praise God for His grace and care!”James A. McCollam.

“I wish to express, in these few words, my deepest appreciation to all who, by God’s grace, have been enabled to share our financial burden with us, during the past school year. We realize that only the love for the “Truth” and the sincere desire to see that “truth” proclaimed has motivated the hearts of all who have made contributions. Our prayer is that we may, by God’s grace, prove faithful in our calling, “fight the good fight of faith” and “earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”—E. Emmanuel.

“Jehovah has well-ordered our affairs, graciously receiving us, His children, into His care and custody to be supported and further educated; so that me anticipate all blessings from Him only, and know that He will always supply our necessities for both body and soul. May our hope depend on no other.”—R.C. Harbach.

For distinction and the convenience of the Society the board has adopted for its name, Ministers’ Study Fund Society. Also, work is now in progress to have our society incorporated with the State. In so doing all contributions and gifts donated to this cause can be deducted from your income tax.

For the continuance of this work the board proposes that, if at all possible, the society members duplicate their gifts made last year.

Lest we forget let us consider the blessings of our God toward us and give as He has given.

Contributors are kindly requested to notify the treasurer of gift or pledge at earliest convenience. In so doing the work of the treasurer can be simplified and provisions made for future work.

Having been given the assurance that the calling and labors in this work are of the Lord, let us continue to labor while it is day.

Sidney De Young, Chairman

James Kok, Vice-chairman

Gerrit Pipe, Secretary.

Donald Ondersma, Treasurer

1131 Chicago Drive S.W., Grand Rapids, Michigan