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In the last installment of this department we began to give our answer to an excuse that is generally given for not sending our children to schools where they may be trained as children of God’s kingdom. The excuse we began to answer is the one that many who never were sent to such schools turned out to be good Christians and even attained to high offices in the church. At this time we would like to pen down a few added thoughts besides those we gave last time.

We would begin then by reminding you that the dangers to which our children are subjected today when they are taught by the world are far greater than they were even a few generations back. They were exposed to a great danger a few generations back, let there be no mistake about that. But today the danger is far greater because the world has become more skilled in its presentation of the lie.

Because by the world our children are instructed according to the principle of the lie, it is dangerous to take the citizens of God’s kingdom of truth and righteousness and bring them to the citizens of the devil’s kingdom of the lie and unrighteousness for their training and instruction. ALL, absolutely all, the instruction given by the world and supervised by the world is based on the lie of Paradise. Man was taught his first lesson in the lie there in Paradise when the devil taught him the heretical and dangerous lesson that man might disobey God if he so chose and that it was even to his advantage to do so. That is the principle according to which the world lives today. It is the principle which controls all his thinking, willing and acting. Pharaoh, who received a doctors degree from the devil for learning his lesson so well, gave a definite expression to what resides in the heart of every man as he is by nature, when this wicked king said unto Moses, “Who is the Lord, that I should obey His voice?” This reprobate king gave expression to what was in his heart, and although all the ungodly do not say that with their lips, this is the principle of the lie which is behind their every thought, word and deed. Pharaoh is no exception except in the sense that he gave an exceptionally clear expression to what is in the heart of every man as he is by nature. That was even the principle according to which our first parents ate of the forbidden fruit. The moment they decided to eat and partook of that fruit, they said by their deed, “Who is the Lord that I should obey His voice?” And we all are born from such parents. That evil nature is carried down from Adam and Eve unto all their posterity so that every child born into this world lives according to that principle. And without the regenerating grace of God no man can ever act from any other principle. He cannot serve God, fear Him in love and live to His praise and glory. He cannot begin to walk in good works. His mind is full of darkness, and He cannot believe the truth even when he hears it. He continues to believe the lie and to think that it is to his advantage to keep on walking in that way. It brings pleasure to his flesh. He finds the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life satisfied and uses all God’s creatures in the service of his flesh.

According to that principle of the lie he lives. And according to that principle of the lie he instructs his children and yours, if you will give them over to him for their education and training. They simply cannot do anything else. They cannot teach their children that they are here for the purpose of serving God. They cannot teach them that to fear God and to keep His commandments is the whole duty of man. Because he is fleshly minded, he cannot teach his children that to love God is to his advantage and that to disobey is his destruction. He simply does not believe these things. How then can he teach his children what he himself does not believe? He believes only in that which will satisfy his lusts. He may teach his child the golden rule. When he does, however, he does not do so because he believes that he ought to love the Lord his God with all his heart, soul, mind and strength and his neighbor as himself. He teaches the golden rule and even preaches natural love toward mankind because he wants his flesh satisfied. He wants to live in peace for the sake of his flesh. Here again he asks: “What is to my advantage” rather than to ask “What is my calling”? Had Adam and Eve continued to ask themselves what their God-given calling was, rather than what seemed to promise them an advantage, they would not have fallen. Thus when the natural man teaches the golden rule or any one of God’s commandments, he does so that he may live free from fear and from violence from his neighbor. His relationship to God does not bother him. He is still living from the principle of the lie.

It is therefore according to this principle of the lie that he also teaches ALL the subjects in his educational system. The result is that you have a wholly man-centered, worldly minded, godless and antichristian system of education and instruction. What a tremendous danger to which we subject our children when we ask the devil’s students and graduates to teach and instruct the sons and daughters of Zion! How dare we ever do it!

Because all the subjects are treated according to the principle of the lie you find that history, for example, simply becomes man’s great adventure. After a more or less strongly emphasized evolutionistic beginning, the rise and fall of nations is treated. There is no real aim in history as the world teaches it. Man is struggling to improve his position to reach the utopia of his dreams, but what the outcome will be is only to be conjectured. There is no room for the church, for the cross or for the return of Christ in glory. The kingdom of heaven and the New Jerusalem do not belong to the history of this world as the unbeliever teaches it. Mind you, that little stone of Daniel 2 which was cut out of the mountain without hands and which grew and grew and finally struck the image of gold, silver, brass, iron and clay, and ground it to powder, that part of the history of this world, that kingdom which subdues all other kingdoms and is an everlasting kingdom is ignored and even mocked. When the world teaches history it stands by that motley image and traces the gold to the silver, the silver to the brass, the brass to the iron and clay and sees man’s great adventure. And he says, “How wonderful! Day by day we are progressing to a better world.” And behind his back that stone which he ignores and for which he has even no worthy thought grinds closer and closer to the complete destruction of that which is of man.

Similarly, of course, the instruction in geography follows that same pattern of ignoring the Almighty Creator and viewing the creation from a fleshly viewpoint. Here again the beginning is more or less evolutionistic. Such instruction is supposed to be forbidden, but the books of the world abound with it. Reference is made to the billions of years ago when this or that took place. And the very refusal to recognize the Creator in itself brands the instruction as godless and dangerous. The child is not taught that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. He is taught that it is his to use to the satisfaction of his lust. He is taught that there is no forbidden fruit. It is all here for his enjoyment. The earth and its fullness has no other purpose than the advantage and enjoyment of man. How can the world teach anything else? (How can they teach that we exist for God’s glory and that we must live antithetically in this world serving God also BY LEAVING THINGS ALONE. It is impossible for a communist to teach his children democracy because he does not believe it himself, AND BECAUSE HE HATES IT. The world cannot teach your children the fear of the Lord because the world does not believe in Him and BECAUSE IT HATES HIM,

And so the child is taught to read, to write, to spell and to work arithmetic problems. He is here on this earth for his own advantage and enjoyment. And he had better be able to read, to write and to spell, otherwise he will miss many of the nicer things of life, It is not important that he learn to read in order that he may read and understand the Word of God. That he is a thinking, willing being, created in the image of God, so that he above all the creatures of the earth might have fellowship with God, might talk to Him and hear Him speak unto us is of no consequence at all to the world. Why it does not even believe such things! And, of course, in order that his fellowmen do not cheat him left and right, he should learn to add and subtract, to multiply and divide. The beauty and wisdom of God in the marvelous numerical system He has given us is not even considered, because it is not believed. Your child will be well equipped to take his place with the world in seeking the things here below, but at the same time, he will be taught TO SEEK THESE THINGS ALONE as the highest and only good. He will be taught to eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow he dies. That is what the world believes, and that is what it teaches. Every subject is taught with that principle of the lie as its basis.

Let us not be deceived. Such instruction is antichristian. Instruction is either Christian or it is antichristian. It either points us to the coming of Christ or the coming of the antichrist and seeks to increase our hope either in the coming of Christ when we shall enter into that New Jerusalem of righteousness and love to God or in the coming of the antichrist when the lust of man shall feast on the false and deceptive prosperity of his reign. Any instruction that avoids and eliminates the church of Christ which is His body out of its instruction eliminates Christ and is antichristian. Such elimination and deliberate ignoring (for the birth and death of Christ are historical facts and the Scriptures are the oldest and most published book in the world) of Christ is simply rooted in hatred for the kingdom of God. It is simply one phase and manifestation of that enmity of Genesis 3:15. Far be it from the seed of the serpent to give a place in its educational system for the history, works and belief of the seed of the woman! It will ignore THE SEED OF THE WOMAN, CHRIST. And therefore you may not brand the instruction of the world anything else than ANTICHRISTIAN AND GODLESS. It is not for Christ, and therefore it is against Him. And that brands it as antichristian.

Such has been the case with all instruction by the seed of the serpent in the past. It has NEVER been otherwise, and increasingly, as time goes on, the instruction given by the seed of the serpent becomes more and more serpentine. The guile, the deceit, the poisonous and dangerous ways of the seed of the serpent grow and develop. The rattle snake is a dangerous creature, but his dangerous character increases when his telltale rattles are off. Beware the rattlesnake who gives no warning. And the seed of the serpent is shedding his rattles. In the next instalment we wish to say a little more about this and to show why today the danger of entrusting God’s children to the seed of the serpent is increasingly great.

(To be cont.)