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I am a PCA minister and a regular reader of The Standard Bearer. In the “All Around Us” column in the September 1, 2008 issue, you correctly state that the 2008 PCA General Assembly considered several overtures asking to create a study committee to study the issue of the propriety of having female deacons. However, you go on to state that “the minority report [of the overtures committee] was adopted and a study committee was appointed to look at these issues.” That is not correct. In fact, the majority report of the overtures committee was adopted by a considerable margin; thus, no study committee was formed and the PCA continues its practice of limiting the office of deacon to men only. Interestingly, this was correctly reported in the August issue of the SB by Rev. Jason Kortering.

I thank you and the other men in the PRC for your work. I continue to read The Standard Bearer with much profit.

Pastor Rob Hill,

St. Paul Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS


Dear Pastor Hill,

I see my mistake and feel very bad about it. It’s what I feared would happen someday in writing for this column, that I would MS misrepresent our Christian brethren.

Thanks for your kind words about The Standard Bearer.

Greetings in Christ,

— Rev. Rodney Kleyn