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Detesting Errors of the Anabaptists

With reference to the contribution from Jonathan Moore, “John Calvin’s Assessment of Antipaedo—baptism” (SB, Feb. 1, 2001), which afforded some degree of encouragement and subsequent reply to a letter (SB, April 15, 2001), I am writing to thank you for having made the research available.

It would seem that the answer to the question, “Do We Detest the Error of the Anabaptists? Ought We?” is, Rather more than the singular!

The literature, God’s Everlasting Covenant of Grace by Herman Hanko and “The Biblical Mode of Baptism” by Rev. Robert C. Harbach, appears to leave little room for doubt but that there are a number of errors to be opposed. Surely, the leading of the holy Paraclete remains as ever it was at the time of the Reformation.

Any proposed synthesis between two such mutually exclusive concepts as Baptist and Reformed is bound to prove disastrous to the glorious gospel of the blessed God.

Accordingly, it is of paramount importance that totally depraved sinners with whom God has sovereignly established His covenant faithfully continue to detest all the errors of the Baptists.

(Rev.) Arthur Strike

Gwent, Wales