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Your recent article (“Calvin, Hoeksema, and the Free Offer (1)”—May 1, 2013) came in a timely manner. I had just finished my dissertation on “Providence” and wrote in the “Further Research” section that providence must be recovered over and against common grace. As an ex-Arminian, I too agree with the EPCA’s rejection of common grace and the well-meant offer on the grounds that it is the seedbed for Arminianism, and I wrote this

in response [to that reality].

Nancy A. Almodovar, Newburgh, IN

(Ed. Note: Mrs. Almodovar’s letter was slightly edited. In corre­spondence, in which she told us of her interesting spiritual pilgrimage from Baptistic Arminianism to the “Dutch” Reformed faith set forth in the Three Forms of Unity, Nancy informs us that she is working on a PhD in Apologetics at Trinity Theological Seminary (Newburgh, Indiana). Her dissertation is entitled Faith Seeking Unspeakable Consolation. Nancy and her husband staff an online counseling ministry called the Silent Cry Ministries.)