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As Another Sees Us

This letter is in response to an editorial in the Standard Bearer entitled, “As Others See Us” (March 15, 1992). I am one of the “others,” as I am neither a member nor an adherent of the Protestant Reformed Churches. I am like many (as the editorial states) of the “others” outside the PRC who receive the Standard Bearer.

I had the privilege recently to visit my first PRC in Lynden, WA.

I live in southwestern Oregon which is a spiritual wasteland as regards the Reformed faith. I have visited many of the “Reformed” congregations within a couple hundred miles of my home only to find doctrinal disunity and Arminianism. I traveled over 500 miles to visit the Lynden PRC because through a thorough study of the Reformed faith I have come to adore many of the PRC distinctives: exclusive use of the King James Version; particular grace; the unbreakable bond of marriage; and exclusive Psalmody, just to name a few.

During my short stay in Lynden I was truly blessed in Christian fellowship and in the worship of God. By my being amongst these brethren I could clearly see that God has preserved this denomination as a bearer of His truth, evidenced by their doctrine and the carrying out of that doctrine in the life.

For many years Reformed brethren have many times spoken to me negatively of the PRC. My comment is this: visit many of the prominent Reformed denominations and you will find disunity in doctrine with different translations from pew to pew. Visit the PRC and you will find unity in doctrine according to the “Regulative Principle of worship” (Ps. 133). Drink from the wells of many prominent Reformed denominations’ literature and you will find Arminianism being fed to the brethren and to the covenant children. Drink from the well of literature (abundant) of the PRC and you will find pure uncompromising truth, and covenant children being taught confessional truths.

May God bless the PRC as she faithfully defends the historic Reformed faith.

Craig Miklosik

Coos Bay, OR