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The Lord Give Us Bigots

Please could you send the remaining issues of the Standard Bearer which contain Rev. VanOverloop’s articles on “Calvinism and Missions.” I have already those of November 1, 1993 and January 15, 1994, and would love to complete the Five Points.

John Kennedy, the Scottish Highland evangelist wrote: “No Christian can be true and faithful on whose brow the world shall not brand the name bigot. But let him bear it. It is a mark of honour, though intended to be a brand of shame. In every age from the beginning, when the cause of truth emerged triumphant from the din and dust of controversy, the victory was won by a band of bigots who were sworn to its defence.”

May the Lord raise up more bigots. May He keep those who are branded bigots today standing in the gap (Is. 1:9).

Let us pray that the men (bigots) in the church today will be kept by God in the Word of truth and so doing be kept from apostasy, and that the young men and women who hear their preaching and sit under their teaching in the church today will be the bigots of tomorrow.

Sean Courtney

Co. Cavan

S. Ireland